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Our chic guide to styling & feeling fabulous in your lingerie.

  • Behind the Bra: The Amour 3D Plunge with Simone Perele Creative Director, Katia Charle

    How did a sexy plunge t-shirt bra become a number one seller? We sit down with Katia Charle, Simone Perele’s Designer and Creative Director, who carries on Madame Simone Perele’s legacy of lingerie savoir-faire. Katia gives us an exclusive behind-the-bra look at our best-selling Amour 3D Plunge.

    Amour3DPlunge-Tanga - Copy (2)-2

    What inspired you to design the Amour 3D Plunge?

    Many women have expressed: it’s not possible to feel beautiful in a t-shirt bra. So I designed a bra that is practical for everyday but stylish and refined. A seamless curve-hugging plunge t-shirt bra is a must-have for all women. Often, women think they need to sacrifice style and little details for an everyday bra. But this bra makes us feel beautiful and truly does it all.


    Why did you choose to work with Leavers lace?

    Leavers lace, made in Calais, France, is the only lace that is woven instead of knitted. The result is superior softness, as well as an exquisite richness and depth that is visually stunning. By placing the lace at the sides of the cups, you get that touch of chic style, while still being invisible under clothing.


    What’s the secret behind Simone Perele’s 3D spacer fabric?

    There is a significant difference in the quality of spacer fabrics. Simone Perele was an innovator of high quality 3D spacer material, which is why we are known for our technical excellence. Soft and supple to the touch, our spacer fabric hugs curves to perfection feels like a second skin. This bra gives a beautiful shape without adding volume. It’s also lightweight and breathable, making it a great everyday bra.


    What makes this bra so comfortable?

    Madame Simone Perele herself said: “The best part of a Simone Perele bra is that we forget we’re even wearing one!” I couldn’t agree with her more. Amour’s soft and breathable spacer fabric truly conforms to a woman’s curves and the plunge shape hugs the décolleté.


    Who is this bra made for?

    Everything about this bra was meticulously studied to provide superior comfort and support. I’ve designed this bra to fit and support all silhouettes, from B cup to F cup. This bra was made for women who desire to feel beautiful every day. The lace accents and modern spaghetti straps attract a wide range of women.


    What makes this bra so universally flattering?

    The secret is in the finely tuned balance between curve-hugging coverage and an ultra-flattering and feminine plunging neckline. The plunge shape also makes this bra very easy to wear and style; it’s effortless under everything!

  • What's In Your Weekender? A Lingerie Packing Guide

    Memorial Day is quickly approaching and—at last—marking the official beginning of summer. It’s time to take out your favorite long weekender bag and get ready for the first getaway of the season.

    As you fill your bag with chic essentials, don’t forget to include your prettiest bra and panty sets. Besides not taking up much room, they’re a must for feeling confident, stylish and sexy throughout the weekend.

    Before you head out on your next getaway, make sure you have these must-have lingerie pieces packed in your weekender bag:

    AMOUR_Coral - Copy (2)-2
    • The Pretty T-Shirt Bra. A woman must always be comfortable when she travels. Opt for a seamless and breathable t-shirt bra with pretty details in a feminine and flirty color. Try the Caresse 3D Plunge in eye-catching Berry or the Andora 3D Demi in beautiful Blush.
    • The Sexy Demi. To keep your outfit totally chic from the inside out, pack a sexy lace set. the open décolleté of a demi gives a flattering silhouette, and pretty straps are a must for peeking through sleeveless tops. Try the Delice Demi in Navy (perfect under your Breton striped top), or the Amour Demi in sun-kissed Coral.
    • The Pretty Convertible Bra. Be prepared for your favorite sleeveless tops and dresses with a fabulous convertible bra. Try the Amour Push-Up in ivory or rich Anthracite.
    • The Fail-Safe Strapless. Weekend getaways always call for a flirty dress, so it’s essential to have a strapless bra you’ll feel confident in. Look for a plunging neckline with a seamless look and fit that stays in place without sliding. We love the cult-favorite Velia Strapless Bra or the 6-Way Multiposition Inspiration Strapless.
    • Matching Bottoms. To achieve true jet-setter status, a woman should always travel in style and remember to pack matching bottoms. Don’t forget a few extra pairs of Invisi’bulle seamless panties for those tennis outfits and linen pants. (Click here to read more about the power of the matching bra and panty set).

    Voila! Now you’re ready to jet set… à la française. Bon voyage!

  • Total Confidence Strapless Bras

    Sleeveless and summer dress season is quickly approaching, along with the everlasting wardrobe dilemmas of bra strap etiquette. When your look calls for something smooth, seamless and strap-free, nothing is as sleek or discreet as a strapless bra.

    Yet for many women, the thought of purchasing—or wearing—a strapless bra can induce nail-biting anxiety. We’ve all experienced the strapless bra that creeps down throughout the day or evening, leaving us frustrated, uncomfortable and completely unsupported. What a letdown!

    La bonne nouvelle? (The good news?) Not all strapless bras are created equally. The right strapless will be your wardrobe secret weapon… the “piece de resistance” that saves the day (and your outfit).


    What To Look For:

    1. The Right Size. Your search should always begin with a proper bra fitting.  Many women are wearing too large of a band size, which is the Achilles heel of a strapless bra and is sure to set you up for a wardrobe malfunction.  Important: if the bra doesn’t come in your size, don’t buy it! The bra should fit you.
    2. Silicone Grips.  This is one of the secrets of a properly designed strapless bra. Look for silicone grips that run along the seams of the band. This will assure a fit that stays in place.  
    3. Lightweight Contoured Cups. An overly padded strapless can add weight and interfere with the fit. Look for lightweight contoured cups that offer a flattering shape without adding extra volume.
    4. Take the Plunge. The plunge strapless is a wardrobe essential, sleek and perfect under every clothing neckline. Try the Velia Strapless.
    5. Convertible Straps. For versatility, pick a style with optional straps that can be worn different ways. You’ll be prepared for any and every spring/summer outfit. Try the Inspiration Strapless Bra with convertible straps that can be worn 6 ways.
    6. Nude & Black. A woman should own at least two strapless bras: one in a natural skin tone (such as nude or blush) and one in black.

    My final rule about strapless bras: when a woman finds a strapless bra she loves, she is likely to tell other women about it. Ask your friends or your local bra boutique about those cult-following bras you’ll always feel confident in. And when you find that perfect strapless? Share the love, and buy two!

  • In Bloom: Shades of Pink

    CARESSE_BerryFinally, spring style is making its way into our closets, and with it, some much-anticipated color. When it comes to this year’s fashion color palette, pink is in full bloom. We’re seeing everything from soft blush to vibrant berry tones. The feminine shades add immediate style credit to your wardrobe. Yes, pink is officially chic.

    Here’s how to sweeten up your spring and summer style with feel-pretty lingerie looks in the season’s prettiest pink hues:

    Blushing Beauty. Feminine and sophisticated, rose quartz is officially in style for spring and summer 2016. Swap out your nude bras and sweeten your silhouette with this subdued tone that adds a fashion-forward touch to your ensemble.

    • How to Wear It: Blush plays like a neutral, so it’s ultra-versatile for spring and summer. Pair a pale pink bra under a crisp white button down. Blush also adds an elegant finish to pale neutrals such as chic beige and heather gray.
    • Try the Wish Demi or Full Cup, the Andora 3D Demi, or the Inspiration Strapless in Blush.

    Simply Cool in Coral. Though we’ll always have a soft spot for blush, this season we’ve warmed up to a sun-kissed coral pink hue. Carefree and effortless, coral is the season’s coolest way to wear pink.  

    • How to Wear It: For a chic touch of contrast, layer a coral lace bra under a button-down jean shirt or jean dress. Coral also plays perfectly under any pastel shade.
    • Try the Amour Demi in Coral Pink (SS16 limited edition color).

    Vibrant in Berry. To channel an edgier vibe, opt for a sexy and playful berry pink bra and panty set. Fiercely-feminine, nothing exudes power-dressing quite like this bold hue. Seen or unseen, when wearing vibrant pink lingerie, you’ll walk a bit differently and exude total confidence.

    • How to Wear It: Think of brighter shades of pink more as an accessory, or a first layer of your finished look. Layer it under sleeveless tops and dresses—or wow for date night with the hot hue under a LBD. You can also add a touch of thrill to muted tones, such as khaki, beige, olive, navy and gray.
    • Try the Caresse 3D Plunge in Berry (SS16 limited edition color).

    The season’s color du jour has the power to transform an outfit into something sexy and sophisticated, or edgy and chic. So whether you’re feeling soft and sensual, slightly wild at heart, or simply in need of a style refresh, give one of these shades a try… and rock it with confidence!

  • The Power of the Matching Bra & Panty Set

    Delice Demi and Boyshort in MidnightOh, the matching bra and panty set. How we love thee.

    There’s no doubt that coordinating lingerie has a secret power, but is it truly wearable? Attainable? Every day? This is one French secret we’re willing to share.

    It’s all about intention. When a woman wears something beautiful and coordinated beneath her clothing, she sends a powerful message of confidence to herself and to the universe. The matching bra and panty says: “I’m worth attention to detail and feeling good!”

    Put simply, it’s power-dressing from the inside out. Your look is complete. You carry yourself a little differently. Exude a little mystery. Affirm your femininity. Feel sexy. Ignite your self-confidence. And voila, bonjour, French mystique!


    Power in Numbers. Double up (or more) on panties to match each bra in your lingerie drawer.

    Natural Selection. A woman should always have options. When buying a set, reach for at least two different styles. For example, a boyshort and a tanga (with a Brazilian-style back), or a bikini and a retro brief.

    Comfort is Key. A woman should never have to sacrifice style for comfort. Look for sets with matching panties that are soft and effortless, with fabrics you’ll feel beautiful and comfortable in. Yes, lace can be divinely comfortable! Don’t believe us? Try our best-selling Amour panties.

    Panties to a T. There is no exception to the rule of matching, even when it comes to your favorite t-shirt bra. In fact, wearing a matching set has the power to elevate even the simplest bra to everyday-chic status.

    Need a little inspiration? Discover our picks of matching sets for every style and size:

    Hello, matching set. Bonjour, confidence!


  • Paris-Chic Neutrals: Inspire your wardrobe with a fresh neutral palette

    ANDORA_Sahara - Copy The Andora 3D Demi and Cotton Bikini in Sahara

    Do French women wear nude t-shirt bras?

    The bare truth is… not really. Though you might find a nude bra in her lingerie wardrobe, it’s most likely made entirely of lace, and even more likely, surrounded by a slightly more adventurous palette of pretty underpinnings. This includes a selection of what I like to call “Paris-chic neutrals”: beige, blush, gray. These effortless wardrobe essentials offer the subtle effect of a nude bra, with the added touch of French style we can’t get enough of.

    Here are 4 Paris-approved neutrals you’ll love to cheat on your nude bras with:

    Mink: This grown-up hue behaves like a nude but with far more sophistication and style. Layer a mink-colored bra and panty set under everything from crisp whites to rich browns for an all-over chic effect. Try the Inspiration Non-Molded Bra in new Sand.

    Blushing Beauty: Pretty and practical, blush lends a soft, feminine touch to your look. You’ll exude romance in a beautiful blush lace or embroidered demi bra layered under airy spring and summer tops (try the Wish collection in new Blush for spring). Or, for an easy update on the nude t-shirt bra, try the favorite Andora 3D Demi and matching Cotton Bikini or the Inspiration Non-Molded bra in Blush.

    Paris Gray: In the French color wheel of style, every shade of gray is chic. This all-season lingerie essential plays beautifully with navy, beige, gray, black and white tops. You’ll love the soft hue of the new Andora Sahara, accented with hints of coral woven into the straps and underband. Or the deep, inky charcoal Amour Anthracite, offering a new spin on classic black.

    Peau Rosé: When the moment calls for a subtle shade of nude, opt for this French take on the everyday classic. Known as “Peau Rosé” (“Blushed Skin”), this flattering hue disappears under spring and summer white T’s and button-downs. Try the look in the Caresse 3D Plunge or Caressence 3D Plunge. So soft and sexy, you may just make him blush…

    Spring is all about easy elegance… so re-inspire the look of your favorite nude bras and embrace the stylish side of neutral.

  • White Hot Debate: Bra Colors That Work Under Spring Whites

    The topic of what bra to wear under a white top has been hotly debated on both sides of the Atlantic. Since every woman has a different take and comfort level, here are all of your options, ranging from least to most risqué.

    No matter what bra you wear under a white or semi-sheer top, there are a few rules every woman should play by. Your bra must fit flawlessly—no bulges, gaps, falling straps or sliding bra bands please! It must be in mint condition (tattered straps to the trash please). Pretty details and fabrics that make you feel beautiful and confident are always a plus.

    Here are my Oh So French style-approved tips for what bra to wear under le blanc (a white) top:

    The always-flawless nude t-shirt bra The always-flawless nude t-shirt bra


    The nude T-shirt bra is undoubtedly the most modest, invisible option under any white top.

    HOW TO WEAR IT: Look for a curve-hugging spacer bra that molds to your shape, like the Delice 3D Demi, or for full busts the Revelation 3D Demi Full, both by Simone Perele. For a bra that disappears completely for a barely-there look, try an unlined nude bra.


    Pale pinks are a feminine update on the classic nude bra and are just as practical. When worn under white, blush disappears on paler skin tones.

    HOW TO WEAR IT: Add stylish details, like the embroidered straps on this Andora 3D Demi, for a feel-beautiful finish, while still being practical.


    What if your everyday nude bra had a sexy twist? Touches of lace are discreet but also beautiful and chic.

    HOW TO WEAR IT: Start with a nude T-shirt bra accented with lace and graduate to an all-over lace demi. The nude blends with your skin tone while the hint of lace is a subtle wink to your sex appeal.

    Style secret: a red bra is surprisingly invisible under white Style secret: a red bra is surprisingly invisible under white


    Top secret style alert! Here’s a tip that French women have sworn by for years: red is just as invisible as many nudes under white tops. Sultry shades of rouge are discreet under white, yet secretly seductive underneath. (And just imagine the oh-la-la you’ll get when your petite surprise is discovered!)

    HOW TO WEAR IT: Any red will do, but the darker your skin tone, the more invisible the red will look under white.


    Think of your lingerie as the first layer of your look. Try matching the color of your bra to another aspect of your outfit. Or turn up the heat in an obviously bold color. A pop of colorful lace under a loose white tee is an edgy yet chic combination in spring and summer. There’s something so thrilling about breaking the rules!

    HOW TO WEAR IT: A navy-hued bra gives a chic edge to a classic white shirt and jeans. Also, when going for bold color, pair it with casual, looser fitting clothes and simple accessories to keep the ensemble in balance.

    The chic black lace bra The chic black lace bra


    Whether your inspiration is Carrie Bradshaw or iconic French femme fatales, a black bra under a white top, when done right, is rebelliously chic and fashion-forward.

    HOW TO WEAR IT: The black should be noticeable but not distracting (not to be worn under a super-sheer white shirt). Avoid satin finishes and look for feminine touches of lace to soften the look. Or, opt for a ultra-wearable charcoal gray. Finally, style it so the look appears intentional (such as matched with black pants or pumps).


    Generally, white under white is a fashion faux pas, however this look can be chic when done right. Because white is the most visible color bra you can wear under a white shirt, style it the way you would a black bra. Look for pretty lace, ultra-feminine details, and wear it with unapologetic confidence.

  • All About the Demi: How to Wear & Style Lingerie's Sexiest Silhouette

    Look Demi Cup - Simone Perele

    The demi bra epitomizes French style and sex appeal. Its sensual “half” (demi) cups offer a flattering horizontal neckline with wider-set straps that beautifully reveal a woman’s décolleté. A little less coverage… a little more Oh La La!

    Even with its flirty feminine flair, the demi bra is absolutely versatile and wearable. Women are discovering they don’t need the “perfect French silhouette” to embrace a demi.

    So whether you’re a petite B cup, a fuller G cup or a loyal T-shirt bra devotee, here are my tips on how to wear and style Le Demi:

    The Cups Should Not Runneth Over. When it comes to fitting a demi bra, too small does not equal sexy, nor does it provide you with the proper support and comfort. For the most flattering shape, wear the same size as you would your T-shirt bra.

    Calling All Bust Sizes. Full busted women can also embrace the sexy silhouette with the introduction of the demi full bra. Simone Perele’s Revelation Demi Full, with its embroidered sheer tulle, fits up to G cup, as well as the Celeste Demi Full, which seduces with Chantilly lace. The difference? Thicker straps, extra tulle lining in the cups for support, and a smoothing ballet back.

    The Simone Perele Celeste Demi Plunge The Simone Perele Celeste Demi Plunge

    Take the Plunge. Traditional lace demi bras, which have a horizontal neckline, fit best on women with a rounded breast shape (fullness on top). Not full on top, or have uneven breast tissue? Pas de problème. Demi plunge bras, which feature a concealed elastic at the neckline, will hug the curves of every shape.

    Think Outside the Lace Bra. If you’re intimidated by an all-over lace demi bra, don’t stop reading just yet. Curve-hugging T-shirt bras have taken on the demi shape with styles like the best-selling Andora 3D Demi and the Delice 3D Demi. Think smooth, airy spacer cups that fit like a dream with the classic open neckline and flattering shape of a demi. Perfection… to a T.

    Style it with Confidence. So you’ve purchased a divine lace demi and you’re ready to rock it with confidence… but you come to a standstill when faced with what to wear it with. This sensual bra, with its open décolleté, is perfect under “U” or deep “V” necklines. And contrary to what you may think, the demi bra can absolutely be worn under a T-shirt. Simply look for styles with ultra-soft lace that lays flat, such as the Celeste Demi Plunge.

    Enjoy that Oh La La feeling!

  • 5 French Secrets to Feeling Good in Your Skin

    Wish-Demi Cup Simone Perele


    In keeping with our Oh So French tradition of starting the year on a confident note, here are this year’s French-approved secrets to feeling good in your skin:

    1. Make No Apologies. So often, we compulsively apologize for ourselves when we don’t need to. Whether spoken out loud or in thought, this is one habit everyone can kick. Embrace your mistakes, mishaps and imperfections as part of your natural flair, your je-ne-sais-quoi
    1. Dress Well. French women are all about quality over quantity, and invest in a few fabulous well-made items that exude style and fit them well. Resist the temptation to buy trendy, “disposable” pieces and instead focus on building a highly selective wardrobe of beautiful pieces you’ll feel radiant in.
    1. Love Your Lingerie. There is secret power to loving what you wear under it all. The recipe is simple: wear lingerie for yourself, unapologetically, in colors that make you feel beautiful and fabrics that feel divine against your skin. Whether you feel fabulous in a lace demi or a chic T-shirt bra, never feel intimidated or uncomfortable in your lingerie. Au contraire, let it reflect your unique style and sensuality.
    1. Pamper Yourself…Daily. The French art of “pampering” is all about daily self-maintenance. Make time for yourself each day, not as an indulgence, but as a ritual of self-care. Need inspiration? Delight in a luxurious bath with delicious oils and soaps, a nourishing hair mask, steal a few moments in the sauna or steam room—or simply take the time to appreciate the aroma and flavor of your morning café!
    1. Wear Something Sexy to Bed. Whether you’re sleeping solo or à deux (as a pair), treat yourself to a new nighttime wardrobe that’s as comfortable as it is sensual. Look for soft fabrics (silk, stretchy cotton), figure-flattering cuts, touches of soft lace and soothing colors. You’ll go to sleep—and wake up—feeling refreshed and pretty.

    Take on the day with the French spirit of never forgetting to take time for yourself… because if you feel good, you always own it with confidence.

  • New Year's Eve Style Inspirations: Lingerie Guide

    Need some style inspiration for the biggest soirée of the season? Start building your look with these high impact French-approved looks.

    Look Collection Bodysuit Simone Perele

    THE LOOK: Mysterious & Magnetic

    You’ll exude a mysterious, confident allure with a show-stopping lingerie piece.

    THE LINGERIE: The bodysuit is one of those style pieces that has timeless appeal—and yet, can be so fashion-forward. Layer the Simone Perele Look Bodysuit over the Look Push-Up for a chic and sexy effect. Its black embroidery over nude tulle creates a tattoo effect that’s guaranteed to captivate. Now you’re ready to throw on that sheer blouse or perfect blazer effortlessly!

    Topmodel Simone Perele

    THE LOOK: Total Confidence

    It’s time to call upon your wardrobe secret weapons: chic, silhouette-sculpting shapewear and a must-have strapless bra that stays up all night….

     THE LINGERIE: Create that Oh-La-La silhouette with curve-hugging shapewear that’s stylish and—yes—sexy, such as the Simone Perele Top Model Collection. Also, a great strapless bra is the foundation of many beautiful dresses—so look for one that will stay up all night (so you can too). Try the Celeste Plunge Strapless with sizing up to F cup.

    Look Demi Simone Perele

    THE LOOK: Unforgettable

    New Year’s Eve is the time to reflect back on the year… and be unforgettable.

    THE LINGERIE: Seduce with graphic prints and sensual fabrics in French Red or another sexy, bold shade. Simone Perele’s Look Demi in Red, with its tattoo-like embroidery and balconette shape, has that come-hither flair that will ignite the night.

    Celeste Triangle Wireless -Simone Perele

    THE LOOK: Cozy Chic

    Just because you’re staying in for a quiet night doesn’t mean your lingerie should be sleepy.

    THE LINGERIE: Sensual and comfortable. Delicious laces are a must, such as the Simone Perele Celeste Triangle Wireless made of all-over Chantilly lace. Or reveal a hint of a beautiful strap under an off-the-shoulder sweater, such as the Simone Perele Amour bras in luxe Navy.

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