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Our chic guide to styling & feeling fabulous in your lingerie.

  • Inside the Fitting Room: The Muse Collection

    Simone Perele Bra Fit Expert, Erica Rios, takes us behind the scenes with our new muse-triangle-plunge-copy-2T-shirt bra collection.

    Seamless lines. Smooth contoured cups. Runway-inspired houndstooth lace. These are the makings of a French T-shirt bra—and just in time for a new season of style. We sit down with Bra Fit Expert, Erica Rios, on what makes Muse unique, who it’s best for, and why it’s a must-have for fall fashion.

    What’s different about the Muse Collection?

    Erica: This T-shirt bra collection is all about clean, pure lines and everyday chic. The contoured cups are made of supremely soft microfiber you’ll want to live in. Their contoured cups are supportive while still being lightweight, so the bra moves with you. And at $78, it's attainable luxury.

    What was the inspiration for the Houndstooth lace? Is it seamless?

    Erica: Creative Director, Katia Charle, was inspired by the houndsooth lace on the runways in Paris. She took the signature iconic pattern and adapted it to lingerie, creating a semi-sheer and totally seamless accent on the bra band. It’s that touch of chic that makes you feel beautiful, even where you’re being practical!

    What tops work best with the Muse Triangle Plunge & the Muse Contour muse-contour-plunge-copyPlunge?

    Erica: With its deep plunge silhouette, the Muse Triangle Plunge is unique in its shape. This bra works beautifully under décolleté-baring tops and wrap dresses, plus the straps convert to a criss-cross, so you can keep exposed straps at bay.

    The Contour Plunge has a seamless fit that’s completely invisible under just about everything. Pair it with the season’s fitted sweaters and curve-hugging turtlenecks.

    The Muse Contour Plunge is Simone Perele’s first-ever contour bra that fits up to an H cup. How does this bra fit and support full busted women?

    Erica: We received feedback from F, G and H cup women that it is quite difficult to find a wardrobe solution for pieces with plunging necklines, while still feeling supported and comfortable. There are also a lot of petite women with fuller busts looking for plunge bras that are ultra-versatile.

    The beauty of this bra is that larger cup sizes are specifically designed to provide extra support. The band and the sides of the cups fit a bit higher to better contain and support breasts (and avoid spillage). It’s the perfect amount of coverage while still offering a flattering, curve-hugging plunge shape.

    Any fit tips you can share?

    Erica: The Muse Triangle Plunge runs deep by one cup size, so I recommend everyone size down one cup. Your band size stays the same. If you’re normally a 32D, order a 32C. The Muse Contour Plunge fits true to size for B & C cups, but cups run deep for D, E, F & G cups, so I recommend sizing down a cup. The good news here is that the Contour Plunge fits up to an H cup (traditional H cups should wear G).

  • Behind The Bra: Amour Full Cup

    Behind the Bra: The Amour Full Cup with Simone Perele Designer & Creative Director, Katia Charle

    Calling all full busted women! We go under the wire with Designer and Creative Director, Katia Charle, on what went into designing one of Simone Perele’s favorite full cup bras.

    What inspired you to design the Amour Full Cup?

    Real women! Listening and understanding the unique needs of women is the starting point of every piece I design. I was hearing from so many full busted women that they wanted more bras they could feel both sexy AND supported in.

    Amour Full Cup Diagram

    What sets this bra apart from other full cup bras?

    The Leavers lace is simply exquisite. Made in Calais, France, this is a high quality woven lace known for being soft to the touch and supremely elegant. And as we do with all laces we use, Simone Perele cuts the lace so that the floral placement on each cup is perfectly symmetrical; a practice requires a lot of attention to detail, but worth the end result of art on the body.


    What makes this bra so supportive?

    The top of the cups really showcases Amour’s high quality Leavers lace with a light stretch to ensure a curve-hugging fit, complemented with opaque microfiber lined with tulle for extra support. This interior tulle reinforcement provides side support to center the breast tissue for a supported and flattering silhouette. We’ve also designed adjustable embroidered straps and a u-shaped back for maximum support and comfort.


    What was your inspiration for the color Anthracite instead of black?

    There will always be a place for black lace, but I wanted something a little softer, more elegant, and approachable, but just as easy to wear. I fell in love with this rich charcoal shade and was captivated by the way it played with the lace. We instantly knew that anthracite was the new black.

  • How to Look Chic in Navy Lingerie

    Synonymous with French elegance and style, navy beckons the tide of true fashion. Considered a neutral by French standards, this everlasting chic shade is one of the most classic, versatile staples of any wardrobe. And ever since the striped Breton top set sail, it’s become the iconic color of French summer style.

    So cool when it’s hot, nautical navy is at its best as the first layer of your look: your lingerie. Maybe it’s the look of deep blue against bronzed skin or dreams of summer on the Mediterranean… but its radiance sends us overboard every time.

    DELICE_Navy -Demi

    Here are 5 reasons to rock navy lingerie this summer:


    1. It’s the perfect layer under Breton stripes. From boat-neck shirts to t’s and dresses, the Breton stripe is a summer wardrobe essential. Complete the look with a curve-hugging navy bra and panty set.
    2. Accessorize with red. Nothing adds sex appeal to navy (or is more patriotic) than like a touch of bold red. From a red pout to a handbag or shoes, you’ll exude instant French je-ne-sais-quoi with navy lingerie paired with a pop of rouge.
    3. It’s flirty under white. Navy takes on an edgy twist when layered under a white summer t-shirt or button-down. Complete the look with a flowy skirt or a tailored pair of shorts.
    4. Look fabulous in fuchsia. For an unexpectedly sexy effect, layer navy lingerie under a fuchsia dress or top. Sleek and sophisticated, navy has a balancing effect when paired with the more thrilling fuchsia. No apologies for walking into a room feeling this confident!
    5. It adds instant French je-ne-sais-quoi. Navy adds instant style credit to unfussed, carefree summer outfits. Break free from convention, think beyond the nude bra, and add navy to your repertoire of summer style.


    When faced with oceans of color options this summer, reach for the shade that always reigns supreme. Bonjour, navy!

  • 7 Lingerie Looks Every Woman Should Try This Summer

    Sun-kissed skin, carefree getaways and airy dresses beg for the prettiest of laces and a rainbow of colors. I always look forward to adding fun and fabulous pieces to energize my lingerie drawer. So, on the heels of “Summer Bra Faux Pas,” I wanted to celebrate my favorite lingerie season with a few French-approved looks you’ll love to try.


    Here is my list of lingerie looks to try this summer:


    1. All-Over Lace. When it comes to femininity, style and seduction, nothing exudes French chic quite like lace. Consider a lace bra and panty set the first layer of your look. A lace demi is a French woman’s summer staple, even under the simplest of t’s. Opt for soft laces that feel divine against your skin, in patterns and colors you’ll feel beautiful in.
    2. Bold Color. Bonjour, vibrant summer hues. After a long winter of neutrals, the season begs for carefree color. Layer a feminine fuchsia bra under a LBD, or fresh coral lace under a jean dress or button-down.
    3. Oh-So-French Navy. Nothing says summertime chic quite like nautical navy. Pair a navy bra and panty set with a French Breton-striped top or dress, or layer it under a white tank and navy blazer for stylish spin on a more classic look.
    4. Show-Stopping Back. Decorate an open back with a show-stopping bra that demands to be seen. Look for laces or all-over embroidered backs that draw stunning designs against your skin.
    5. Peek-Worthy Straps. Skip your tattered nude straps in favor of vibrant colors and stylish accents, such as embroidery, lace, or thin spaghetti straps.
      • Try the Wish Demi with exquisite embroidered straps
    6. Beautiful Blushes. Oftentimes, summer’s light, airy tops call for something a little more subtle. For a fresh take on the nude t-shirt bra, look for sweet, feminine shades of blush. You’ll feel pretty and still achieve that effortless and seamless look you’re going for.
    7. Summer Whites. There’s something about the purity of white lace on bronzed skin that’s simply radiant. A French woman views her white bra as her everyday go-to, as she adores the contrasting laces and embroidery on her skin.


    Don’t go without SPF, or beautiful lingerie, against your skin this summer!

  • Summer Bra Faux Pas

    Bonjour, summer! With temps heating up, we’re entering the most fun—and most challenging time of year for bras. From airy fabrics and pure whites to strappy tanks, the season exposes a multitude of possible bra malfunctions.

    Here is my list of summer bra faux pas every woman should avoid:

    1. Bra Misfits. The form-fitting t-shirts, airy fabrics and breezy dresses of summer call for nothing less than a flawlessly fitting bra. Start the season with a professional bra fitting and you’ll have smooth (and seamless) sailing all summer long!
    2. Slipping Strapless Bras. There are few things less elegant than the sight of a woman hoisting up her strapless bra. Women commonly opt for a larger band size in search of comfort; however this is sure to set you up for a wardrobe malfunction. For a fail-safe fit, make sure your bra band fits snuggly in your true size.
    3. Not enough support. Who doesn’t want to look 10 pounds slimmer first day of summer? Wearing a bra that properly supports will give you a smoother silhouette. If you’re full busted, look for bras with reinforced tulle in the cups. Our summer favorite: the Wish Full Cup. Not only will you love its embroidered embellishments, you’ll adore your svelte silhouette.
    4. Unkempt Straps. Summer reveals the straps that were once hidden under long-sleeved shirts and bulky sweaters. As a result, your straps must be in pristine condition. Keep your bras washed and replace them when the straps are worn. And non, non, non to revealing nude straps. Keep it feminine and pretty.
    5. Slippery Straps. Besides being a fashion no-no, slipping straps are a telltale sign that you’re wearing the wrong bra size. So rely on the experts to make sure you always have a custom fit.
    6. A white or nude bra under a dark top. White bras under a dark top have a way of making themselves known, no matter how hidden you think they are (flash photo anyone?). Even though whites and nudes are neutrals, they are not stylish and fashionable under chic, rich colors.


    Finally, the most important faux-pas is forgetting that your lingerie is the first layer of your look. Build your summer style from the inside out and you’ll look (and feel) confident all season long!

  • Bra Strap Etiquette: The Chic Guide to Showing Your Straps

    Bonjour, visible bra straps. After years of being dismissed and hushed under our outfits, we’re so glad you’re no longer considered a fashion faux-pas.

    A flirty fashion statement long embraced in France, the revealed bra strap has arrived on the style scene. When done right, showing peeks of your bra strap from under your outfit exudes unapologetic confidence.

    Here are some French-approved tips for showing peeks of your bra straps from under your outfit.

    WISH_BLUSH_430x590The Rules

    • Make it appear deliberate. This style is only chic if it’s an intentional component of a put-together look. The exposure should look like deliberate layering.
    • Keep your straps in mint condition. Your worn-out favorite bras are not good candidates for this look. Make sure your straps are clean and unfrayed, and of course, stylish (for example: subtle touches of lace, embroidery, or delicate spaghetti straps).
    • Be color conscious. Exposed straps must be done with the right color bra. Exposed bra straps work best with black straps under a black spaghetti strap dress, or red under red, for example. Feeling a bit more risqué? Navy under white can be stylish and edgy.
    • Sex appeal in moderation. A little strap goes a long way. When it comes to perfecting this look, always keep in mind the French art of toute en modération (everything in moderation) by keeping the rest of your look classic and tailored.
    • Don’t go nude. Skip exposing your nude t-shirt bras in favor of coordinating colors and pretty details. The look will appear more elegant and intentional.

    How to Wardrobe It:

    • Off-the-Shoulder Chic. A little something off-the-shoulder is the perfect opportunity to allow your straps—and sexy peek of your collarbone—to show. Try the look with a flowy sweater or off-one-shoulder top.
    • Open Back. Wondering what to wear under your sexy summer top or dress with a slinky open back? Look for a bra that demands to be seen, such as intricate lace back patterns or playful colors. You’ll make an oh-la-la impression as you walk away. Try the Look Push-Up, with a show-stopping tattoo-inspired back.
    • Let it Sheer. There’s something sweetly feminine—and yet thrilling—about a pretty bra peeking out from under an elegant sheer or lace top. Be sure to match the color of your bra to your top for a subtle and sophisticated layered look.

    Feel confident in experimenting your peek-abo wardrobing looks with some of our favorite straps: the timeless Delice Demi with refined spaghetti straps and floral accent, the romantic Amour Demi, with stunning embroidered straps, the Andora 3D Demi, with intricate guipure detailing and the ultra-feminine Wish Demi with high-fashion straps.

  • Behind the Bra: The Amour 3D Plunge with Katia Charle, Simone Perele Creative Director

    How did a sexy plunge t-shirt bra become a number one seller? We sit down with Katia Charle, Simone Perele’s Designer and Creative Director, who carries on Madame Simone Perele’s legacy of lingerie savoir-faire. Katia gives us an exclusive behind-the-bra look at our best-selling Amour 3D Plunge.

    Amour3DPlunge-Tanga - Copy (2)-2

    What inspired you to design the Amour 3D Plunge?

    Many women have expressed: it’s not possible to feel beautiful in a t-shirt bra. So I designed a bra that is practical for everyday but stylish and refined. A seamless curve-hugging plunge t-shirt bra is a must-have for all women. Often, women think they need to sacrifice style and little details for an everyday bra. But this bra makes us feel beautiful and truly does it all.


    Why did you choose to work with Leavers lace?

    Leavers lace, made in Calais, France, is the only lace that is woven instead of knitted. The result is superior softness, as well as an exquisite richness and depth that is visually stunning. By placing the lace at the sides of the cups, you get that touch of chic style, while still being invisible under clothing.


    What’s the secret behind Simone Perele’s 3D spacer fabric?

    There is a significant difference in the quality of spacer fabrics. Simone Perele was an innovator of high quality 3D spacer material, which is why we are known for our technical excellence. Soft and supple to the touch, our spacer fabric hugs curves to perfection feels like a second skin. This bra gives a beautiful shape without adding volume. It’s also lightweight and breathable, making it a great everyday bra.


    What makes this bra so comfortable?

    Madame Simone Perele herself said: “The best part of a Simone Perele bra is that we forget we’re even wearing one!” I couldn’t agree with her more. Amour’s soft and breathable spacer fabric truly conforms to a woman’s curves and the plunge shape hugs the décolleté.


    Who is this bra made for?

    Everything about this bra was meticulously studied to provide superior comfort and support. I’ve designed this bra to fit and support all silhouettes, from B cup to F cup. This bra was made for women who desire to feel beautiful every day. The lace accents and modern spaghetti straps attract a wide range of women.


    What makes this bra so universally flattering?

    The secret is in the finely tuned balance between curve-hugging coverage and an ultra-flattering and feminine plunging neckline. The plunge shape also makes this bra very easy to wear and style; it’s effortless under everything!

  • What's In Your Weekender? A Lingerie Packing Guide

    Memorial Day is quickly approaching and—at last—marking the official beginning of summer. It’s time to take out your favorite long weekender bag and get ready for the first getaway of the season.

    As you fill your bag with chic essentials, don’t forget to include your prettiest bra and panty sets. Besides not taking up much room, they’re a must for feeling confident, stylish and sexy throughout the weekend.

    Before you head out on your next getaway, make sure you have these must-have lingerie pieces packed in your weekender bag:

    AMOUR_Coral - Copy (2)-2
    • The Pretty T-Shirt Bra. A woman must always be comfortable when she travels. Opt for a seamless and breathable t-shirt bra with pretty details in a feminine and flirty color. Try the Caresse 3D Plunge in eye-catching Berry or the Andora 3D Demi in beautiful Blush.
    • The Sexy Demi. To keep your outfit totally chic from the inside out, pack a sexy lace set. the open décolleté of a demi gives a flattering silhouette, and pretty straps are a must for peeking through sleeveless tops. Try the Delice Demi in Navy (perfect under your Breton striped top), or the Amour Demi in sun-kissed Coral.
    • The Pretty Convertible Bra. Be prepared for your favorite sleeveless tops and dresses with a fabulous convertible bra. Try the Amour Push-Up in ivory or rich Anthracite.
    • The Fail-Safe Strapless. Weekend getaways always call for a flirty dress, so it’s essential to have a strapless bra you’ll feel confident in. Look for a plunging neckline with a seamless look and fit that stays in place without sliding. We love the cult-favorite Velia Strapless Bra or the 6-Way Multiposition Inspiration Strapless.
    • Matching Bottoms. To achieve true jet-setter status, a woman should always travel in style and remember to pack matching bottoms. Don’t forget a few extra pairs of Invisi’bulle seamless panties for those tennis outfits and linen pants. (Click here to read more about the power of the matching bra and panty set).

    Voila! Now you’re ready to jet set… à la française. Bon voyage!

  • Total Confidence Strapless Bras

    Sleeveless and summer dress season is quickly approaching, along with the everlasting wardrobe dilemmas of bra strap etiquette. When your look calls for something smooth, seamless and strap-free, nothing is as sleek or discreet as a strapless bra.

    Yet for many women, the thought of purchasing—or wearing—a strapless bra can induce nail-biting anxiety. We’ve all experienced the strapless bra that creeps down throughout the day or evening, leaving us frustrated, uncomfortable and completely unsupported. What a letdown!

    La bonne nouvelle? (The good news?) Not all strapless bras are created equally. The right strapless will be your wardrobe secret weapon… the “piece de resistance” that saves the day (and your outfit).


    What To Look For:

    1. The Right Size. Your search should always begin with a proper bra fitting.  Many women are wearing too large of a band size, which is the Achilles heel of a strapless bra and is sure to set you up for a wardrobe malfunction.  Important: if the bra doesn’t come in your size, don’t buy it! The bra should fit you.
    2. Silicone Grips.  This is one of the secrets of a properly designed strapless bra. Look for silicone grips that run along the seams of the band. This will assure a fit that stays in place.  
    3. Lightweight Contoured Cups. An overly padded strapless can add weight and interfere with the fit. Look for lightweight contoured cups that offer a flattering shape without adding extra volume.
    4. Take the Plunge. The plunge strapless is a wardrobe essential, sleek and perfect under every clothing neckline. Try the Velia Strapless.
    5. Convertible Straps. For versatility, pick a style with optional straps that can be worn different ways. You’ll be prepared for any and every spring/summer outfit. Try the Inspiration Strapless Bra with convertible straps that can be worn 6 ways.
    6. Nude & Black. A woman should own at least two strapless bras: one in a natural skin tone (such as nude or blush) and one in black.

    My final rule about strapless bras: when a woman finds a strapless bra she loves, she is likely to tell other women about it. Ask your friends or your local bra boutique about those cult-following bras you’ll always feel confident in. And when you find that perfect strapless? Share the love, and buy two!

  • In Bloom: Shades of Pink

    CARESSE_BerryFinally, spring style is making its way into our closets, and with it, some much-anticipated color. When it comes to this year’s fashion color palette, pink is in full bloom. We’re seeing everything from soft blush to vibrant berry tones. The feminine shades add immediate style credit to your wardrobe. Yes, pink is officially chic.

    Here’s how to sweeten up your spring and summer style with feel-pretty lingerie looks in the season’s prettiest pink hues:

    Blushing Beauty. Feminine and sophisticated, rose quartz is officially in style for spring and summer 2016. Swap out your nude bras and sweeten your silhouette with this subdued tone that adds a fashion-forward touch to your ensemble.

    • How to Wear It: Blush plays like a neutral, so it’s ultra-versatile for spring and summer. Pair a pale pink bra under a crisp white button down. Blush also adds an elegant finish to pale neutrals such as chic beige and heather gray.
    • Try the Wish Demi or Full Cup, the Andora 3D Demi, or the Inspiration Strapless in Blush.

    Simply Cool in Coral. Though we’ll always have a soft spot for blush, this season we’ve warmed up to a sun-kissed coral pink hue. Carefree and effortless, coral is the season’s coolest way to wear pink.  

    • How to Wear It: For a chic touch of contrast, layer a coral lace bra under a button-down jean shirt or jean dress. Coral also plays perfectly under any pastel shade.
    • Try the Amour Demi in Coral Pink (SS16 limited edition color).

    Vibrant in Berry. To channel an edgier vibe, opt for a sexy and playful berry pink bra and panty set. Fiercely-feminine, nothing exudes power-dressing quite like this bold hue. Seen or unseen, when wearing vibrant pink lingerie, you’ll walk a bit differently and exude total confidence.

    • How to Wear It: Think of brighter shades of pink more as an accessory, or a first layer of your finished look. Layer it under sleeveless tops and dresses—or wow for date night with the hot hue under a LBD. You can also add a touch of thrill to muted tones, such as khaki, beige, olive, navy and gray.
    • Try the Caresse 3D Plunge in Berry (SS16 limited edition color).

    The season’s color du jour has the power to transform an outfit into something sexy and sophisticated, or edgy and chic. So whether you’re feeling soft and sensual, slightly wild at heart, or simply in need of a style refresh, give one of these shades a try… and rock it with confidence!

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