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Bra Size: 32E (DD)

Delice 3D Demi

Fits like a glove

Please never stop making this bra! This is the only t-shirt bra that stretches to fit your breasts in a way that feels totally natural. Other bras (even very expensive memory foam ones) feel like chest armor that you spill out of on your larger days and gape into on your smaller days. This one moves and adapts with you. So comfortable and also a very sexy design!


Bra Size: 38G



went to a lingerie shop. asked for a good support bra. the fitter handed me this bra.. i held on to it for a bit after purchasing, wondering if i had made a bad purchase.. it is amazing! i have now purchased three more.. here's to the girls!


Bra Size: 36F (DDD)

Andora 3D Demi


I was really skeptical about this bra - the color and the style. However, I found out that this is an amazing bra. My skin color is medium dark brown - about a shade darker than the model, and the Amaretto color is perfect. I was looking for a contour bra to wear under white T-shirts, and a bra that fits a full, bottom heavy bust well. Many contour bras do not fit this type of bust well. This is it! The way that other reviewers describe it is exactly right. This bra is beautiful, and makes you feel like you are wearing nothing. I don't know how they accomplished that in the design, but I will definitely be back to purchase another.


Bra Size: 30F (DDD)


45 years being fitted with the wrong size

Every time I would go to a fitting in the US, I would be fitted with a 36D, or a 34 E. These sizes were never comfortable. American designers don’t like making Demi bras in large cup sizes, and forget a band size lower than 34 for an adult bra. If I found a Demi, the center of the band would be so tall, it would dig into my sternum. These bras fit real women, and do not insist on padding either. My husband loves nipples, and I don’t see why they have to be hidden. These bras are not hot either. Minimal coverage with maximum style and support make these my first choice.


Bra Size: 36F (DDD)

Eden Full Bust Demi

Stunning and Soft

This bra is beautiful! I usually like black or darker shades for a bra, but decided to purchase this in the Blackberry color, and it is stunning. This is also surprisingly soft. I love the feminine straps with the little's just a very lovely bra. I am really happy with it.


Bra Size: 36C

Amour 3D Plunge

So Good Someone Helped Themselves!

My daughter gave me two of the Amour 3D Plunge for my birthday a couple of years ago. This past fall on my way to Tanzania someone along the way took my black bra! I have thoroughly enjoyed the quality, fit and feel of your bras! They definitely knew a quality product!


Bra Size: 32D

Andora 3D Demi

Favorite bra ever

I have been wearing these bras for 12 years now - great fit, easy to wear under all clothes, and still quite pretty.


Bra Size: 32E (DD)

After Work Demi

This might be my favorite bra

I absolutely love this bra. The gold stitching and the buttons are great touches, but this bra is so comfortable and easy to wear. Sometimes lace doesn’t lay flat under clothes but this does. It might be my new go to black bra! Stella in customer service was extremely helpful with sizing and style.


Bra Size: 38C

My bra chaos to the best fitting bras...thank you

These are the best bras I have fitted..I am between 2 sizes...they fit perfectly..soft and gentle to my fits my body contour..and I feel comfortable and confident...all day...I am so pleased with your material you have is gentle to my more sensitive area.thank you.


Bra Size: 36B


J’adore Simone Perele

So many years, so many bras! I started wearing a bra when I was 12 with a cute little baby blue number (it was the only 30A my Mom & I could find when we went bra shopping that day) that showed through my white uniform’s blouse. Consequently, the boys at St. Mark’s noticed I was wearing a bra & took great pleasure in snapping the band & straps from behind & running away. In the 51 years since then, I’ve worn many bras... some fit well, most did not! It wasn’t until I discovered the Simone Perele Andora bra that I found the rebat quality, most well-fitted bra for me. I’ve purchased perhaps 20 Andora bras in the past 10 years & I have NEVER been disappointed! They wear like iron & continue to fit washing after washing. I will ALWAYS wear Simone Perele & the “boys” better beware! xoxo

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