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Women share their stories of feeling beautiful in their Simone Perele lingerie

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Bra Size: 38F

Amour Full Cup

The Perfect Bra Trifecta

I love beautiful lingerie, and I'm also a full figure customer. Finding a bras that accomplish the three things I look for (beautiful, comfortable, and supportive) is not always easy. This bra nails all three points with perfection! This Full Cup shape gives me support and keeps me contained - even when running to the subway - but is still low enough to wear under v-neck t-shirts or cocktail dresses. The gorgeous Leavers lace hugs in a very Sophia Loren way. And slipping this bra on feels like wearing nothing at all! I love wearing the sultry Anthracite instead of basic black. An easy way to feel like a million bucks no matter what you layer over this gorgeous piece.


Bra Size: 30D

My Perfect Lace Bra

I travel quite a bit so I’m always on the lookout for a light, breathable bra that has stretch and movement, while still being beautiful and sexy. That’s why I love the Celeste Demi Plunge. I call it my “perfect lace bra” because of the softness of the lace (it isn't visible or textured through a t-shirt), and how it mixes comfort with a gorgeous design and fit. This is truly an everyday lace bra, which is so hard to find! I can’t wait to get this bra in more colors.


Bra Size: 32E

You can have comfort and feel pretty!

I have always had a love affair with lingerie. My first Simone Perele bra was a gift and it completely changed the way I view lingerie. I used to think you had to choose between comfort or style...the moment I put on my first Simone Perele bra I learned you can have both a great fit and feel pretty! My absolute favorite is the Celeste Demi Cup Plunge, it's so comfortable and offers great support but makes me feel so confident and sexy! Love the seasonal color changes, I can't resist buying them all.


Bra Size: 32E

Feeling confident & comfortable with a perfect fit.

As a 35 year old mother of 2, I decided it was time for a proper lingerie fitting. With 2 different cup sizes, it was difficult to find a proper fit at the department stores. I was introduced to Simone Perele bras as one of the options that best fit my frame. I was impressed with the support it provided and that it appeared to hug my body for a perfect fit. I also noticed that I felt more confident with the proper fit. This year, I purchased a second Caresse 3D Plunge bra and am impressed with the fit, support and comfort it continues to provide. Looking forward to expanding my Simone Perele lingerie collection!


Bra Size: 34D

Andora 3D Demi

I was pleasantly surprised!

Having gone through a double mastectomy recently I was not too comfortable with trying to find a bra that worked with my new body. A Simone Perele fitting specialist introduced me to the Andora bra and I was pleasantly surprised! It made me feel pretty and it covered me in all the right places. The fabric is super comfortable and shaped my body beautifully.


Bra Size: 34D

Delice Strapless

You gave me support and confidence in my new body. Thank you!”

Shortly after the surgery I got married and went back to Simone Perele for the perfect strapless bra and found the seamless Delice Strapless. It was a perfect choice for my wedding dress and made me feel very supported and feminine. I am so grateful to SP for providing such beautiful and comfortable bras even after a mastectomy. You gave me support and confidence in my new body. Thank you!”


Bra Size: 30D

Delice Push-Up

The Delice Push-Up bra is my favorite Simone Perele bra.

The Delice Push-Up bra is my favorite Simone Perele bra. It’s comfortable, soft against the skin and gives a great shape with just the right amount of padding that looks natural. I feel great in this bra and love the hints of gorgeous embroidery. The overall effect is so elegant and beautiful. I also purchased the matching boyshort and it's so pretty and comfortable, so I love having the matching set.


Bra Size: 34F

Caressence 3D Plunge

I felt sexy again!

In 2000, at age 52, I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. Although I did not need a mastectomy, I had a significant portion of my right breast removed. After multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, the lower portion of my breast was damaged, resulting in difficulty finding a bra that fit both of my breasts without making it noticeable that the right one was smaller. I also wanted to find a bra that was comfortable, soft and still supportive. I tried numerous brands and sizes to no avail. NO matter which bras I tried, none made me feel sexy, comfortable—and I felt self-conscious in all of them.

A year ago my daughter-in-law sent me to a lingerie shop in Burlington, Vermont that carried Simone Perele bras and the women there were trained in fitting them. One hour later I left with two Simone Perele bras—Andora and Caressence. They were soft, supportive and you couldn’t tell the difference in my breast sizes. Best of all, after 14 years, I felt sexy again!


Bra Size: 32D

Amour Push-Up

My favorite bras are the Amour Push-Up and Delice Push-Up

Before trying Simone Perele bras, I never realized how comfortable and beautiful I could feel wearing a bra. I had never had a proper fitting and always seemed to guess at which style of bra to buy. Nothing seemed to truly fit or feel good—even the most expensive ones.
When I discovered Simone Perele a few months ago, everything changed. Rather than feel awkward in my bras, now I’m so comfortable that I “forget” that I’m even wearing a bra! I love this brand. All the bras are really feminine, comfortable and modern with beautiful details. My favorite bras are the Amour Push-Up and Delice Push-Up. Love the racerback option!


Bra Size: 32E

Finally, I'm wearing a bra that must have been designed by a woman.

As a woman with generously portioned breasts, I was relegated for so long to the kind of awful, starchy, misshapen bras that continue to curse most department stores. When I first wore my first Simone Perele bra, I thought "Finally, I'm wearing a bra that must have been designed by a woman."

They celebrate and accentuate the beauty of my body, and have proved themselves an irreplaceable part of my daily wardrobe. The cup fit is so perfect to form, that I can't imagine wearing any other bras anymore.

And despite their dailiness--each of my bras have these lovely touches of impracticality, that make wearing them so constantly never grow old. Little bit of lace trim and sweet details arouse imagination, and make me just as happy to shed the layers of clothing I wear over them, later in the night.

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