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Lisa and Trixie

Bra Size: 34D

Andora Minimizer

Minimizing bra

Once I found this terrific minimizer (it works), I ordered it in three colors: blue, green and grey. I'm a "brights" person; no pastels for this girl. Now, of course, I just purchased a dressy new white blouse...looks like I'll need a white one for the winter season.


Bra Size: 30B


Best bra!

Fell in love with it 4 years ago and have never changed the brand since! Love all of it--the feel, the look, the comfort!


Bra Size: 32D

Amour 3D Plunge

Amour Collection

Amour is one of the best latest collections for Simone Perele. I was debating between Demi lace and 3D Plunge.

Stella , Simone Perele customer service associate advised to try Amour 3D Plunge.

Grate Advice! The most comfortable, beautifully fit bra, one of those that you want to have in every color available for purchase.


Bra Size: 34B

Idylle Demi and Boyshort set

Strappy without the baggage :)

So often, bras with strappy details end up being either to frail and playful or simply poorly made knock-offs. Idylle is the real article. The strappy details at the gore and shoulder straps actually do provide support and plenty of pretty.

The fit is wonderful. I feel like I have just a little less coverage than the model pictured here on the SP site, but still the bra provides shape and support like all my SPs and does contain breast tissue comfortable and smoothly.

It is very pretty, prettier than pictured, and nearly unbearably sexy. Even with that it holds up comfy for a full days wear.

You must match it with the boyshort. Great day to date set. Much love.


Bra Size: 34F

amour demi lace bra in blush

Being Beautiful Always

I feel extremely feminine, and very beautiful in any of the Simone Perele lingerie that I wear. I Feel asif I can be and do anything when I wear these magnificent garments as if they were made only for me!
Self esteem is very important to me as it is to all women juggling careers and family; Simone Perele makes me feel more exotic while I am doing it. Whether I am sitting at a computer, or practicing psycho-
therapy, I can easily imagine my self in the bedroom or at a wonderful restaurant when work ends. Simone Perele is a very luxurious treat for me; I will never get enough!
I hope there will be new bras and panties to look forward too for more exciting experiences to come.


Bra Size: 38E


My favorite

Best bras ever 4 years now recommended by my surgeon I can't go back.


Bra Size: 30F

Delice Demi cup in Moonlight

Best bra ever!

The most beautifully made, elegant, gorgeous bra I have ever owned. Comfortable and supportive as well. My girlfriend loves when I wear it!


Bra Size: 32E

Tattoo Demi & Thong

My Little Secret for Big Success

Unbeknownst to my colleagues and clients, I have a surefire secret to negotiating the best contracts, closing the toughest deals, and impressing at the most high-pressure presentations. Here's a hint it has nothing to do with my industry whatsoever...

It's all about getting ready for the day that sets the tone for success! When I have a big day ahead of me, a stressful presentation or a make-or-break meeting, I make sure that I feel unstoppable before walking out my door. That includes a solid night's rest, a leisurely breakfast (completely disconnected from electronics), and (drum-roll, please) my finest, most irresistible lingerie.

No one in the boardroom knows what you put on in your bedroom, so why not wear your sexiest, most alluring lingerie under your suit or shift dress, as a tangible reminder of your feminine power? Having my little secret distracts me from feeling anxious when I'm speaking to groups, and always ensures I'm exuding confidence throughout my day. Give it a shot next time you have something significant on the horizon and I guarantee you won't be disappointed with the results... Here's to your success!!


Bra Size: 34B

Inspiration Non-Molded

Perfect inside and out

Inside. Comfort and fit above and beyond. Wonderful cool feel for long warm days.
Outside. My very best silhouette. Absolutely clean and invisible under even the most clingy knits or gauzy silks and synthetics.

I really thought this was a utility bra. I was wrong. This is a favorite.


Bra Size: 34F

Caresse 3D Plunge

Custom Fit Feel

For years I've been struggling to find the right bra. Most stores don't even carry my size. After finding this I wish I could afford to buy several because it really fits like it was made for me and no other bra has ever felt that way before. Normally I wear a 34G but am between a 34 and a 36. 34 being tight on the loosest clasps, 36 being too loose on the tightest clasps. This style in a size down (34F) fits me PERFECTLY. It's extremely lightweight yet still supports without pinching or binding and lifts me up without cutting into my shoulders. I would love to see more colors available for this particular style. Thanks for making such an incredible bra.

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