Spring Trend Spotlight: Oh La La Lace

Blog image 9c From Paris to New York, lace is synonymous with style, elegance and seduction.  Images of flirty lace underpinnings and femmes fatales come to mind, and we’re instantly reconnected with what it is to be a woman.  Yet as timeless and classic as lace is, this season it is moving beyond lingerie and into every day “mode” (fashion).  Spring runways saw everything from lace pants to lace paneling, from skirts to t-shirts. Even purses and accessories are being outfitted in lace.  It’s as if our clothing were suddenly turned inside out, and we’re now revealing this supremely feminine, sensual fabric that, until recently, was only seen behind closed doors.

This begs the question: now that lace has gone from lingerie to runway, what’s the secret to wearing it in style? Do the same rules apply?

Whether it adorns your bra or embellishes the hem of your skirt, I believe lace is intimate, sophisticated and extremely sensual.  Like dark chocolate or champagne, it is among the finer things in life and so, must not be overindulged.  Elegance is found in the right proportions.  Here are my tips for wearing lace with a little French grace:

  • Pair it with a blazer.  A lace camisole under a classic blazer creates a sophisticated look and puts a seductive spin on a French wardrobe essential.
  • Go nude.  A nude lace makes a quiet, confident statement.  Try going a color lighter than your natural skin tone, or pairing a nude lace top with a black leather skirt for a little extra edge.
  • Keep the mystery.  Since lace is a naturally seductive material, keep it balanced by avoiding showing too much skin, or wearing too low of a plunging top.   If you wear a lace skirt, wear a solid fabric top, and vice versa.
  • Dress it up.  A dress provides the perfect canvas for elegant, ultra-feminine lace.  This season we’re seeing lace dresses reaching beyond the classic white and black: fresh greens, pretty pinks and sapphire blues. Lace dresses are the perfect place to play with color.
  • Wear it like an accent.  A little lace goes a long way.  A lace accented purse, shoes, or fabulous lace scarf adds a chic, feminine touch to any outfit.
  • Wear one lace element at a time.  When it comes to lace, less is more.  Wear one lace element at a time for the most elegant, refined look.
  • Stay ultra-simple.  Lace is so intricate that it’s best to keep your jewelry simple and minimal.  Chic studs will keep you looking stylish and sophisticated.

Now it’s time to embrace your lace!

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