5 French Secrets to Feeling Good in Your Skin

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In keeping with our Oh So French tradition of starting the year on a confident note, here are this year’s French-approved secrets to feeling good in your skin:

  1. Make No Apologies. So often, we compulsively apologize for ourselves when we don’t need to. Whether spoken out loud or in thought, this is one habit everyone can kick. Embrace your mistakes, mishaps and imperfections as part of your natural flair, your je-ne-sais-quoi
  1. Dress Well. French women are all about quality over quantity, and invest in a few fabulous well-made items that exude style and fit them well. Resist the temptation to buy trendy, “disposable” pieces and instead focus on building a highly selective wardrobe of beautiful pieces you’ll feel radiant in.
  1. Love Your Lingerie. There is secret power to loving what you wear under it all. The recipe is simple: wear lingerie for yourself, unapologetically, in colors that make you feel beautiful and fabrics that feel divine against your skin. Whether you feel fabulous in a lace demi or a chic T-shirt bra, never feel intimidated or uncomfortable in your lingerie. Au contraire, let it reflect your unique style and sensuality.
  1. Pamper Yourself…Daily. The French art of “pampering” is all about daily self-maintenance. Make time for yourself each day, not as an indulgence, but as a ritual of self-care. Need inspiration? Delight in a luxurious bath with delicious oils and soaps, a nourishing hair mask, steal a few moments in the sauna or steam room—or simply take the time to appreciate the aroma and flavor of your morning café!
  1. Wear Something Sexy to Bed. Whether you’re sleeping solo or à deux (as a pair), treat yourself to a new nighttime wardrobe that’s as comfortable as it is sensual. Look for soft fabrics (silk, stretchy cotton), figure-flattering cuts, touches of soft lace and soothing colors. You’ll go to sleep—and wake up—feeling refreshed and pretty.

Take on the day with the French spirit of never forgetting to take time for yourself… because if you feel good, you always own it with confidence.

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