How to Wear It: Innerwear as Outerwear

How to Wear It: Innerwear as Outerwear

Showing a peek of lingerie in your outfit is no longer a wardrobe malfunction… it’s totally en vogue.

In fact, we’ve spotted our fair share of fabulous lingerie on the Fashion Week runways in Paris and New York. Could it be that underpinnings are making an appearance as (gasp) outerwear?!

We’re obsessed with the unapologetic confidence and sense of empowerment that comes from boldly wearing innerwear as outwear. When you love the way you feel in your lingerie, why hide it.

If the idea of revealing lace makes you want to button up, don’t give up quite yet. Done right, we think everyone can elegantly embrace the trend with confidence.

The secret is to balance hints of lace by playing down the rest of your look. The effect can be quite elegant, appropriate and perfectly chic. It instantly elevates every outfit to French-style-maven-level.

photo by @brunefilleofficiel

Try: A bodysuit under a blazer or leather jacket

Sexy and sleek, The Bodysuit is unequivocally in style. It feels delicious as it hugs the body and layers perfectly under a blazer or leather jacket. We love the way @brunefille styled our Top Model Body Shaper above. Not only is this look stylish, it’s also smoothing (bonjour, total confidence).

 Try: Lacy bra layered under a delicate sheer top or cotton T.

Lace is so sensual and stylish, it deserves to be a prominent part of your look. Try layering a lace demi bra under a loose semi-sheer top. Pair it with jeans for an unfussed, naturally chic ensemble.

Modesty concerns? Discreet coverings (such as breast petals) are available so all that is seen through your clothing is the hint of feminine lace.

Try: Embrace lingerie under cashmere or knit sweater

The contrast of textures is ultra-sensual and lends a modern feel to the look.

Need more inspiration? Take a peek at our Lingerie As Outwear board on Pinterest.


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