Seeing the World Through Rosé Colored Glasses

Seeing the World Through Rosé Colored Glasses

Spring is in the air, which means we’re that much closer to what we like to call “rosé season”—where we take a moment of pleasure at the end of the day with a glass of crisp blush-hued wine. In France, rosé (pronounced roh-zay) is universally adored as the spring-summer wine of choice.  And for good reason: dry, fruit-forward and crisp, these pink wines are divinely refreshing, and beautiful in color.

This year, as we turn to celebrate our mothers, grandmothers and even ourselves, we’re inspired to see the world through the lens of our favorite summer drink.

Let’s take a fresh look at the world through rosé colored glasses. As French singer Edith Piaf sang it with zest and passion: “La vie en rose.”

It’s about adding something fabulous to the familiar, elegance to the everyday. The little ways we infuse our lives with beauty. It’s about “les petits plaisirs” (the little pleasures) that add a spring to our step.

We asked some of the mothers in the Simone Perele team how they practice seeing the world through rosé colored glasses. Here’s what they shared:

“I always sleep in beautiful pajamas. Super-soft cottons in flattering silhouettes, lace, silk… in my favorite colors. So when the day (and makeup) comes off, I reconnect with my truest and most natural beauty. It’s like paying homage to my femininity.” – Adrienne (mom of 3 boys)

“I finish the day with a luxuriously long steam shower. Not only is it relaxing after a long day, it gives my skin a beautiful glow!” – Melissa (expecting her 2nd girl)

“When I slip into my favorite lace non-wire bra (Eden Triangle Non-Wire) I immediately feel sexy and put together, yet still comfortable with my growing bump and bust. A little lace goes a long way in feeling beautiful.” – Erica (expectant mom)

How do you infuse beauty into your everyday? Share your comments below.

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