French-Girl Tips to Feeling More Beautiful

French-Girl Tips to Feeling More Beautiful

Looking for that inner glow that exudes beauty and natural confidence? Here are our French-approved secrets to feeling more beautiful:

Power-Dress from the Inside Out.

When a woman wears something beautiful and coordinated beneath her clothing, she sends a powerful message of confidence to herself and to the universe. The matching bra and panty set says: “I’m worth the attention to detail and feeling good!”

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Take a Compliment.

French women believe that gracefully accepting compliments shows confidence and inner elegance. So toss your self-deprecation in la poubelle (the trash) and respond with a simple merci (thank you) and a little smile.

Always Leave One Element of Your Look “Undone.”

Perfection isn’t beautiful or interesting. Let go of primping and perfecting every element of your look, and allow for a bit of unfussed, undone natural chic. Tempt with free-flowing hair… naked eyes with a bold lip… an oversized sweater with tailored pants.

Walk… Everywhere.

Marcher (walking) is as much a part of the French way of life as a perfect baguette, a lace bra, a fabulous scarf or a glass of rosé. Make use of your daily “transitions” by logging some feel-good exercise. It helps to clear your head and rebalances your energy.

Shop for Investment Pieces.

French women are all about quality over quantity, and invest in select fabulous well-made items that exude style and fit them well. Take your time in building a highly selective wardrobe that you’ll feel fabulous in and will last for years to come.

Own Your Unapologetic Confidence.

A French woman never apologizes for her “petites imperfections” and neither should you. Accept and embrace your “imperfections

… these are part of your natural flair and what makes you YOU.

Cheers to YOUR je-ne-sais-quoi!

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  • Holly

    The top model shape wear is great, but has anyone tried the dress shaper. I can't find it in my area, and would like info about sizing, fit, etc. before I order.

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