The Strapless Solution

The Strapless Solution

Shopping for super stylish shoulder-baring tops and slinky summer silhouettes? Easy.

Searching for a strapless bra you’ll feel confident and supported in? It doesn't have to be as challenging as you think.

Oh the strapless bra… we love to hate it, but we desperately need it to fulfill our summer style dreams!

We all know the woes of the wrong strapless bra, but the truth is that the right one can be your wardrobe secret weapon… the “piece de resistance” that saves the day.

So, of course, we called the experts. Here’s what our team of Bra Fit Experts had to say about finding a strapless bra that won’t let you down:

Know your size.

“Your search should begin with a proper bra fitting. Many women are wearing too large of a band size because they think this will give them the most comfort. But in fact, this is the culprit to set you up for a wardrobe malfunction. A proper bra size that feels custom fit to your body will feel barely-there and will support you the way a strapless can.” – Elka, Simone Perele Bra Fitter

Start with quality.

“Look for high quality brands that offer an array of sizes. They’re more likely to pay attention to detail and make a well-engineered bra that’s comfortable and supportive. If the bra doesn’t come in your size, don’t buy it. The bra should fit you.” – Laura, Simone Perele Bra Fitter

Simone Perele Velia Strapless

Look for silicone grips.

“A well designed strapless bra should have delicate silicone grips on the interior band that you can’t feel with a high quality bras. In addition to having the right size, this will keep your bra from sliding.” – Emily, Simone Perele Bra Fitter

Strive for seamless.

“Too much padding can lead to bulk, add weight, show lines and interfere with the fit. Instead, look for a contoured bra in a clean, simple design that’s seamless under clothing.” – Natalie, Simone Perele Sales Director

Pay attention to strapless bras with a cult following.

“There’s one thing you can always count on: when a woman finds a strapless bra she loves, she is likely to tell other women about it! Reviews can be incredibly helpful. My cult favorites? The Simone Perele Velia Strapless… it’s iconic! For a little romantic lace, the Simone Perele Eden Strapless also has a flawless fit and plunging neckline - both support up to F cup.” – Stella, Simone Perele eBoutique Bra Fitter

Simone Perele Eden Strapless Bra

Once you’ve found your go-to strapless bra, go back and buy at least one more. A woman should always have nude and black. Playful sun dresses, summer weddings, late night dancing, here we come!


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