How to Wear It: Off-the-Shoulder

How to Wear It: Off-the-Shoulder

Feminine and sexy, revealing just enough, the off-the-shoulder trend has officially graced summer style.

Originally spotted in the 60’s (à la Brigitte Bardot)—and again in the 90’s (à la Kelly Kapowski), the look has gotten a chic update. We’re seeing flowy dresses, elegant blouses and lovely silhouettes. What’s more, baring a little shoulder has that perfect balance of edgy, sophisticated and downright sexy.

Here’s how to wear the off-the-shoulder top all summer long.

Get the glow.

Before baring your shoulders, take a little extra time to pamper your skin. Exfoliate your décolleté, shoulders and arms in the shower, and follow with a rich moisturizer or oil for that flirty, healthy glow.

Beware of VTL (visible tan lines).

Though we’ll always stand by the natural sexiness of lightly sun-kissed shoulders, be generous with your SPF. VTL (visible tan lines) and excessive sun exposure are off-the-shoulder no-go’s to keep wearing the look throughout the summer.

Go strapless.

The elegant, effortless chic of off-the-shoulder trend calls for the right bra. Look for a strapless bra with a flawless fit that stays in place and gives you all day comfort… an absolute necessity for those hot summer days.

Play with different silhouettes.

From a slouchy one-shoulder to the complete off-the-shoulder, it’s all about finding the silhouette you feel comfortable and confident in. Try: a romantic off-the-shoulder floral or ruffle dress for a summer wedding or date night. We also love a structured off-the-shoulder wrap blouse or dress… supremely elegant.


How are you wearing the off-the-shoulder trend? Share your comments and style tips.


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