How French Women Embrace Their Natural Flair

How French Women Embrace Their Natural Flair

Je tiens à mon imperfection comme à ma raison d'être.
“I cling to my imperfection, as the very essence of my being.”
Anatole France, French poet

Take inspiration from La Parisienne: You won’t likely find her worrying about the gap between her teeth, the freckles on her skin, or her bold nose. She accepts them as part of her signature look, her natural flair.

This is one of the innermost secrets of the French cool. It’s a shift in perspective that unlocks a woman’s unique allure, her magnetic self-assuredness. It’s time we move beyond simply accepting our “imperfections”—and learn how to embrace them.

Here are our 4 essential secrets to “forgetting” perfection and embracing your true beauty (read: French je-ne-sais-quoi):

Always Keep One Element of Your Look “Undone.”

For all the work we put into primping and perfecting, real beauty is in finding balance. For example, pair an elegant outfit with undone, messy-chic hair; or wear bold red lipstick with your loose tee and jeans.

Embrace Your Unique Features.

When you accept the unique qualities of a bold nose, dark brows or spattering of freckles, they add character and confidence to your look—but when you love them, they become the je ne sais quoi that gives you an aura of irresistible allure.

Focus on Your Foundations.

Focus on your “base,” such as a glowing skincare regimen, fantastic haircut and feel-beautiful lingerie. You’ll feel radiant from the inside out.

Feel Beautiful at Every Age.

A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman… and she’ll turn heads at twenty-two or sixty-one. The key? Wear your inner beauty on the outside—on the inside, we’re all ageless.

Don’t Take It Personally.

Rejected by a lover? Gossiped about by a girlfriend? Ce n’est pas important. (It’s irrelevant!) A confident woman isn’t easily ruffled by others (or at least doesn’t show it). YOU are fabulously perfect in every imperfect way.

How do you let go of your “imperfections”? Share below.

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