Get the Look: French “Messy Hair"

Get the Look: French “Messy Hair"

Imagine a chic Parisian woman.  Along with her effortlessly chic outfit and radiant skin with minimal makeup, you’ll find that her hair has a sort of undone, unfussed look.

Truth be told, French women are not as focused on perfectly coiffed hair as many Americans tend to be. Unbrushed tresses? A few stray strands falling into your face?  Rumpled chignon?  Pas de problème! Let’s call it “undone chic.”

Not only is laissez-faire hair acceptable, it’s confident, stylish and downright sexy.

Simply take a look at some of France’s most famously tousled tresses.  Actresses Brigitte Bardot, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Clemence Posey come to mind, as well as the former editor-in-chief of French Vogue, Carine Roitfeld, all of whom exude that alluring, slightly undone attitude that French women are celebrated for.

How can you capture this carefree “less is more” look without looking completely disheveled?  It’s as much about how to care for your hair as it is about how to style it.

Here are the 5 rules of sexy French hair:

Rule #1: Get a great haircut.

If you have a superb cut, you shouldn’t need to spend a lot of time styling it.  Once you’ve found a hair stylist you love, ask him or her to give you a cut that suits your natural hair type without having to spend too much time on it.

Rule #2: Don’t rush to brush.

The majority of French women don’t over-style, or even brush their hair throughout the day.  Resist the urge to carry a brush in your purse and instead, let your hair take its course.  Brushing has a way of eliminating hair’s natural waves, a key factor in “undone chic.”

Rule #3: Lather it up every other day.

Washing hair every day can strip its natural oils. Try washing it every other day. Plus, nothing tousles hair like a good night’s rest!

Rule #4: Don’t over-style.

Can’t imagine a hair day without your blow-dryer? Resist over-styling your hair: use just a dab of ultra-lightweight styling products to minimize frizz, and try to keep your blow-dry sessions to a minimum.

French it-girl @adenorah

Rule #5: Maintain a healthy mane.

Generally, French women prefer to spend their time on hair health rather than on hair styling. Invest in one or two nourishing at-home weekly hair treatments, and ask for a hair and scalp treatment when you go to the salon for a cut.

File these tips in your French style repertoire… and let the wind capture your hair as you turn heads.


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