The Morning Beauty Routine French Women Swear By

The Morning Beauty Routine French Women Swear By

Pretty and polished, yet effortlessly cool and undone. The French woman’s elegantly minimalist allure is supremely coveted, even envied.

Here, we step into her morning beauty routine to reveal how French women do it differently.

Mornings Are Low Maintenance

To women in France, one of the biggest beauty sins one can commit is that of trying too hard, or looking too “done.” She embraces her true beauty, her unique features, her je-ne-sais-quoi. Simplicity is the keynote of her elegance.

Glowing Skin.

Forgo cleanser first thing in the morning, which can dry the skin, in favor of a splash of cool water or a spritz of infused water spray. Invest in creams and SPF lotions that make your skin soft and touchable. For French women, glowing skin is the foundation of their beauty regimen. When your skin is healthy and taken care of, you’ll feel beautiful even when you’re au naturel.

Barely-There Makeup.

It’s not that French women don’t wear makeup… they just pretend not to. Pick ONE feature to emphasize, such as eyes or lips, and keep the rest minimalistic. A French woman’s go-to makeup look: red lips paired with radiant skin and a flutter of mascara.


Elegantly Tousled Hair.

Skip the sleek blow-outs in favor of tresses that look slightly undone. A natural wave has a sexy, bedhead appeal that looks totally effortless—even if it calls for a few hot moments with a curling iron (we won’t tell).

Le Parfum.

A French woman is not fully “dressed” until she’s spritzed a soft halo of her signature perfume. Perfume leaves an imprint of a woman on others, a touch of her essence that lingers just enough to enchant and to leave you wanting more.

Above all, take pleasure in your first sip of café as you get ready to face your day. Each step is an homage to your true beauty, and what makes YOU feel confident.

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