How to be a Stylish French Mom

How to be a Stylish French Mom

Digital Media Strategist, Fashion Blogger, mother and self-proclaimed French cliché  (she can’t live without a good baguette) — Laura Angelone wears a lot of hats these days.

Currently living in LA, the French muse shares a few of her style notes, including how to look effortlessly chic (versus undone), and how to channel your inner confidence.

What are your signature style pieces for everyday-chic?

This is so French, but a Breton blue and white striped shirt with high-waist jeans and a beige trench coat is my idea of timeless, classic fashion. Another go-to outfit is an oversized stylish T-shirt with a black blazer and jeans.

Has your style changed since becoming a mother?

I’ve always embraced a minimalist, classic style, however I do find myself choosing outfits that are comfortable and more casual since my son was born. Try picking up a baby in a miniskirt, or running after a 3-year-old in heels! I also tend to save my favorite white T-shirts for going out to lunch to make sure they stay crisp.

How about your beauty routine?

I’ve always been a makeup minimalist… my morning routine takes about 5 minutes. I cleanse with Vichy micellar water and keep my skin hydrated with a gel primer and moisturizing cream. I finish with a light foundation and a hint of blush.

One element that hasn’t changed is my undone hair. In Paris, “messy hair” is considered stylish.
In the US I can blame my undone look on motherhood!

Has your relationship with your body changed since becoming a mother?

Nothing has really changed. My body bounced back based on healthy eating and exercise. What I’ve had to learn to embrace are my (new) wrinkles and (new) dark circles!

What do you do for yourself?

I believe that being a mother does not mean that I’m ONLY a mother. It’s important to make time to work out, get a manicure, go shopping, wear pretty lingerie… anything that makes you feel beautiful! When you feel good in your skin, you’re in touch with who you are as a woman, which is also the secret to keeping romance alive.

So how do you keep romance alive?

We steal away for brunch just the two of us. Sunday morning is our new Saturday night. It’s the best way to have a date with my husband, have a good time, and then relax on a Sunday afternoon while our son takes a nap.

I also love to organize brunches with our friends, get dressed up and have a mimosa.
We also make time for a true date night every month… and sometimes a weekend away just the two of us. We relax, go out, have fun… and reconnect.

Stay tuned to hear more about Laura's take on motherhood, lingerie, and being a French woman in LA.

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