How to be French Chic

How to be French Chic

She's big on minimalist-chic dressing and has a knack for embracing natural beauty.
Laura Angelone, a French digital media strategist and fashion blogger, leaves an impression. With a touch of French cool and a California vibe (she moved to LA a couple of years ago) Laura captures everything we love about that “je-ne-sais-quoi.”

We asked Laura how she stays chic on the go, the secrets of her beauty routine, and the lingerie pieces she swears by.

 What’s your signature style?

 I’m drawn towards beautiful, classic pieces that go with everything. If I had to sum up my aesthetic in three words, it would be pure, minimal and timeless. Most days, my uniform is a striped shirt, a beige trench coat, high-waist jeans and ankle boots. I could dress like that every day.

Where do you get your style inspiration?

My mother has always inspired my sense of style. She taught me to lead with high quality simple pieces. Back in the day, she was one of the first women to wear designer labels like Isabel Marant, Barbara Bui, and Agnes B.

I also admire designer and model, Jeanne Damas, for her ability to blend trends with simplicity.

What’s your beauty routine?

 This might be the French girl in me, but I have always had a minimalistic approach to makeup; skincare is far more important to me. My morning routine takes about 5 minutes, which works well as a mother of a 3-year-old! I cleanse with Vichy micellar water and keep my skin hydrated with a gel primer and moisturizing cream. I finish with a light foundation and a hint of blush.

If I have a meeting or special event, I’ll wear a bold red lip.

What’s your go-to hair style?

Tousled and messy… the bedroom look. I rarely touch a blow dryer and instead choose to embrace the natural texture and wave of my hair.

How do you think being French influences your personal style?

Parisian women are sexy because they have confidence in what they’re wearing, and it shows. It’s about how you wear your outfit, the attitude you have when you wear it, and not just what you wear. It’s hard to feel confident when you’re trying too hard.

If you wear heels and a mini dress but can’t walk, you won’t look good. When you’ve lived in Paris, where you walk everywhere, you learn the importance of being chic AND comfortable. That’s why most Parisian women rock the of-the-moment sneaker or ankle boot.

What are your lingerie must-have essentials?

I adore lace bralettes with a matching boyshort. I gravitate towards chic neutral shades, like black, blue, and ivory—but rarely nude because I like when a little lace shows through my clothing. (Below: Laura wears the Eden Bralette in Ash).

What is your guilty pleasure that you splurge on?

SHOES. Especially high quality ankle boots… they’re stylish, easy to walk in, and pair with everything. I also have a soft spot for French designer handbags.

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