Peek Inside a French Woman's Lingerie Drawer

Peek Inside a French Woman's Lingerie Drawer


There’s something about a French woman’s allure that makes her seem so confident, cool, sexy and refined. Based on her work with Lingerie Francaise (a lingerie alliance), Laura Angelone shares secrets of French women’s unique take on lingerie, the key pieces to buy, and how to wear them.


Saga Sheer Plunge

How do French women wear lingerie?

Lingerie isn’t an afterthought, it’s part of our look, and we love to reveal it. I think it’s so sexy to wear an oversized t-shirt that shows the décolletage and part of the shoulders, revealing hints of a black lace bra with my movements.
You suggest, but you don’t really show. That’s the French way to flirt.

Growing up, how did you learn about lingerie?

My mother always loved beautiful lingerie, so I grew up with this as my role model. I remember when she took me to buy my first bra, and when, as a teenager, I would go bra shopping with my friends at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris. These experiences, as well as growing up in France where lingerie is very much a part of the culture, shaped my attitudes around lingerie.

What are your go-to everyday bras?

Lace bralettes. I love wearing lace as well as the comfort of the bralette. My current favorite is the all-lace Eden Bralette by Simone Perele. 

Eden Bralette


How important is it to you to wear a matching bra and panty set? Do you wear a matching set every day?

The secret to matching is to wear the same color, so the look is complete, without always wearing a matching set. Most of my lingerie is black, so that makes it easy!
Of course, if I’m wearing a red bra, I make a point to wear the matching bottom. It finishes the look.

Wish Triangle Push Up

Is it true that French women don’t wear nude bras?

I think American woman are attached to nude because it makes your lingerie appear invisible, so that no one can see what’s underneath. Mostly, French women are not afraid to reveal a hint of lingerie. Black is my everyday go-to, but I also love to wear the occasional pop of color.

Saga Sheer Plunge

 LINGERIE 101: What Would You Wear…

 Under a white t-shirt: A black lace bralette… I love to reveal a bit of the bra under the shirt!

 With a LBD (Little Black Dress): A black plunge bra with a boyshort. I’m loving the Saga Sheer Plunge and Boyshort by Simone Perele. The embroidery is truly special, like a tattoo on the body… and I love the fit.

On date night: A lace push-up with a sexy tanga, like the Wish Triangle Push-Up from Simone Perele, or a black sheer lingerie set.

 When traveling: One or two black bras that will go with everything and comfortable, seamless panties.

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All photographs taken by Melanie Laval (@melalaval).

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