“Bonjour” How to Start Your Day Like a Parisienne

“Bonjour” How to Start Your Day Like a Parisienne

We all know how it feels to start the day full force… hustling to get out the door, not having time to prepare or set your intentions for the day. Now imagine yourself waking up in Paris: the sun pouring into your left-bank apartment, café and lover by your side…

Wherever you wake up, here’s a little romantic inspo from Paris to reboot your morning routine.

Rise & Shine

Delight in the small, simple luxuries that gently ease you into the day: a bouquet by your bedside, a silk bathrobe, and your morning coffee in a colorful demitasse.

Resist the temptation to turn on your phone first thing. In fact, don’t even keep your phone by your bedside. Keep your routine unplugged allows you to focus entirely on yourself.

Embrace Your Lace

There’s a secret power to loving what you wear underneath it all. It’s simple – wear lingerie for yourself, in hues that make you feel beautiful and fabrics that feel delicious against your skin.

Whether it’s a matching lace set with your favorite t-shirt bra or an exquisite black embroidered demi, wear lingerie that reflects your unique style and how you express your femininity.

Curate Your Closet

When you only have pieces you absolutely love in your wardrobe, dressing yourself in a flattering, chic way becomes so simple. If you haven’t worn something in a year, it’s time to say au revoir. With a leaner, curated closet, you’ll take more joy in getting dressed each day… and make room for new pieces!


Channel Your Unique Je-Ne-Sais-Quoi

Forget perfection – take on the day with a touch of French-spirited unapologetic confidence. If you feel good, you always own it, regardless of little “imperfections” that we tend to hone in on. After all… “ce n’est pas important!” (it’s not important!). Your unique attributes make up the essence of who you are. Hint: this is the “cool” part of the term “French cool.”

Walk It Out

French women aren’t known for sweating it out at the gym, but rather, prefer to stride in style. Take any opportunity in your day to walk. It helps to clear your mind and boost your mood. Et voila, instant glow factor!

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