Can Lingerie Ignite Your Confidence?

Can Lingerie Ignite Your Confidence?

Meet Kimmay Caldwell. An expert bra fitter and coach, she supports women by helping them find confidence through their very first layer – lingerie.

We chatted with Kimmay to find out how she feels about the perfect fit, the five bras every woman should own, and how we can ignite our confidence through lingerie, every single day.

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Q: Are bra fittings really that important?

A: As a bra fitter since 2005, I've had the opportunity to see how a bra fitting can transform people. First, having a well-fitting bra is important for health and wellness reasons, and for your self-esteem and confidence. Also, working with a professional bra fitter means there's less guesswork, confusion, and frustration for you.

Delice Sheer Plunge in Blush

While I encourage everyone empower themselves by learning the basics ​of how bras should fit or what your bra size starting points may be, you don't have to go bra shopping alone. Let a fitter guide you toward some options you may never have thought about before and open your world of possibilities!

Q: What are the 5 bras every woman should have in her wardrobe?

A: ​Every woman is different, but time and time again I've seen that there are 5 different styles that support most women's wardrobes.

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  • Basic: 3-5 well fitting basic bras. That usually means a bra with a smooth cup, neutral color for most people with whom I work. Get a mixture of skin tones and black, depending on your wardrobe.
Andora 3D Plunge
  • Strapless or Convertible: A great strapless is key! You can wear it without straps, as a halter, or as a racerback. If that style doesn't suit your wardrobe, then have a convertible bra on hand that does.
Andora 3D Plunge
  • Sports Bra: Please refrain from wearing two bras at once, or an old basic bra for exercise if possible. I suggest investing in a few great sports bras that support your bust for the level of activity you're doing.
  • Wire Free: This style may be plain and great for comfort, weekends, sleep, or long travel days in an airplane or on the road.
  • Hurray Style: My whole mission is to say hurray with lingerie, so wearing a gorgeous style that makes you say hurray is a must have! Everyone is different, so this may be a funky color, stunning lace, or luxe material. Whatever it is, make sure it fits well and feels great.
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Q: How can a woman incorporate fun bra colors into her wardrobe?

A: ​I love to wear colorful bras and underwear! On a rainy Monday, or an un-fun day, I wear colorful lingerie underneath my clothes to brighten my outlook. ​You can start small by wearing a more basic style (perhaps a smooth cup bra like the Amour style) in a gorgeous color. That way you can wear it underneath most clothing without it showing through.

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Q: What do you love to wear on date night?

A: If you want to dress up a little extra special for date night, I tend to wear something like a bra and panty set that I can wear underneath my clothing and show off when we get home. That way I'm feeling sassy during the dinner, or movie, or event and don't have to "slip into something more comfortable" when we get home.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to please a partner but wearing what makes you feel your best will affect your whole evening. How you walk, talk, sit, feel, and flirt will all change for the better because you feel like a goddess.

Q: Can lingerie truly inspire confidence?

A: YES. Huge yes. Undergarments and lingerie clothe two of our most sacred parts of the body. Treating the acts of shopping for it, putting it on, and wearing it with sacred ritual and or some loving intention will transform how you view yourself in massive ways. Not to mention, bras support our breasts, which are right over our heart.

If there's any confusion (what size do I even wear?), or shame (they're too big, too small, too droopy), or discomfort (this underwire is killing me!) it creates a block in one of the most important parts of our body. Our hearts are responsible for how we love ourselves and each other. Taking some time to understand and support this part of the body is key for your self-esteem, self-care, standing tall, leading with your heart, and saying hurray - all things that create confidence.

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*Photo credit goes to Laura Boyd of Own Your Sexy Boudoir Photography.

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