The Ultimate Guide to Packing Lingerie

The Ultimate Guide to Packing Lingerie

Packing is an art. You want to keep your bag light and easy to carry, but you also want to look and feel your best. It’s all about the chic essentials: outfits that translate from day to night, a fabulous scarf, stylish but comfortable shoes, and… some pretty lingerie. Since lingerie doesn’t take up much room, we can have a little fun, while still keeping it easy.

Here, you’ll find our best tips for planning, packing and traveling (in style) with lingerie:

Plan your outfits first. Then determine what lingerie will work best under each look. We love this foolproof way of having the proper bra/panty to go with everything you pack—from color matching to having that essential strapless on call.

Plan to pack at least 2 bras. No matter how short your getaway, always pack more than one bra. Giving your bra a break allows it to recover from being stretched during the day (yes, being a bra is hard work). For a week-long trip, pack 3-4 bras. A woman should always have options!

Matching bottoms. To achieve true jet-setter status, take a moment to pack matching bottoms. Traveling is a time to feel your best (read about the Power of the Matching Set here).

Pack with precision. Ever packed a suitcase, admired your meticulous packing job, and then had to squish in your bras and panties? Stack bras one behind the other and stash socks or panties behind them to hold the cup shape. Pack near the top or edge of your suitcase to avoid crushing.

Wear your T-shirt bra for travel. Not only will you be comfortable, you’ll have your go-to bra already “packed”. We can’t guarantee your travel will go without a hitch, but a flawless-fit 3D spacer bra always be seamless.

When in need, hand wash. The best way to wash a bra on the go is by hand. Use a mild detergent designed for lingerie and soak in lukewarm water (except for black or bold colors, which should be washed in cool water), soak your lingerie for 20 minutes and hang dry. By the next morning, you’ll have a freshly washed bra waiting for a new day.

Soft bralettes are always a good idea. Lace bralettes are chic and comfortable, and their wire-free design makes them super easy to pack (so why not bring two?).

Bon Voyage! For more on caring for your bra, read How to Prolong the Life of Your Bras

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