Bring Out the Bold

Bring Out the Bold

There’s a magic that happens when we live boldly.

On the heels of the 2018, Year of the Woman, the idea of boldness has taken on new meaning, and a fresh perspective.

Designer Gesa Hansen in the 1948 Bustier

What does it mean to be bold?

It’s about being authentically yourself, without apology. It’s stepping into your radiance. Embracing your “imperfections.” However simple or complex, pursuing your dreams with vigor. Recharging your energy, and protecting it. It’s about creating your own terms and staying true to them.

We asked Danish-German designer, Gesa Hansen, what being bold means to her. “There’s strength and beauty in reaching outside your comfort zone.”

Here, 5 daily practices to infuse a little more boldness into your life:

Embrace your “Imperfections”

Take inspiration from the French: you won’t catch a stylish Parisienne worrying about the gap between her teeth, the freckles on her skin, or her laugh lines—she accepts them as part of her natural flair. Embrace your “imperfections”… these are part of what makes you YOU.

Ceramic artist Pia Van Peteghem in the After Work Longline Bralette

"I feel most feminine when I am myself." Pia Van Peteghem, Ceramic artist.

Give Gratitude, Not Apologies

Actively show gratitude instead of apologizing for yourself. “I’m sorry” is old news. If you arrive late to a rendez-vous (which is very French, by the way): “thank you for waiting for me.”

Define Your Own “Self-Care”

Expand your definition of self-care. Maybe it’s a face mask and a glass of wine in the bath, or skipping that hot yoga class for brunch. Listen to what feeds your soul and honor that!

Power-Dress from the Inside Out

When a woman wears something beautiful and coordinated beneath her clothing, she sends a powerful message of self-love to herself and to the universe. The matching bra and panty set says: “I’m worth the attention to detail and feeling good!”

Chef Valentina Davaso in the Promesse 3D Plunge

“If you don’t dare, you won’t succeed.” Valentine Davaso, Restaurant Chef

Wear Makeup. Or Don’t.

Golden rule: wear what makes YOU feel beautiful in the moment. Makeup is there to accentuate your unique radiance and beauty. Be yourself—have fun with it, and don’t look back. That might mean going to a meeting au naturel, or joining someone for a drink with a fabulous red lip. Own it!

How do you define being bold? Share with us below!

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