You Might Be Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

You Might Be Wearing The Wrong Bra Size

We can all agree that bras are one of the most essential items in a woman’s wardrobe. So it may surprise you that most of us (8 in 10 women!) are wearing the wrong bra size, day in and day out.

Quel désastre!

If you are, no problem. We interviewed Simone Perele’s Bra Fit Experts on what to know and how to fix the most common bra fit mishaps out there. Wherever you are in your bra journey, leave the guilt behind now. The one universal truth about bra fitting? It’s always a learning curve. So let’s get you feeling supported, comfortable and confident in your bra.

Here are the signs you’re wearing the wrong bra size.

Problem: Your bra band rises in back

Solution: Go down a band size (and up a cup size*).

“If your bra band rises in back, or you can pull the band more than an inch away from your back, it is too large,” says Stella, a Bra Fit Expert at Simone Perele. This is often the culprit for the back-fat look and will also cause the breasts to sag. The bra band is the most functional component of your bra and provides about 80% of the support of your bust.

Stella’s recommendation: “Your bra band should be snug and rest level and parallel to the floor in front and back when wearing it on the loosest hook.”

Problem: The center of your bra doesn’t rest flat against your skin

Solution: Go up a cup size

Bras are designed so that the fabric between your breasts, also called the center gore, should lay flat against your skin. When it doesn’t, the band can’t provide proper support.

Stella advises: “The rule of thumb here is that you should be able to place two fingers between your breasts. If you can’t, your bra cups are too small. Trying going up a cup size.”

Problem: Your straps dig into your shoulders

Solution: Go down a band size (and up a cup size*)

Straps that dig into you or leave marks are a telltale sign that you’re shouldering too much weight. In fact, bra straps should only do about 20% of the work when it comes to supporting the bust; the bra band does the rest.

“Larger busted women can also look for straps that are slightly wider, firmer and subtly padded for a more comfortable fit and extra support,” says Stella.

Problem: You’re always wearing your bra on the tightest hook

Solution: Go down a band size

“You should wear your bra on the loosest hook, at least for the first few months,” says Stella. Your bra will naturally stretch out with wear, so it’s important to start out on the loosest hook so that you can tighten the band over time.

Problem: You’re bulging out from the tops, sides or cups of your bra

Solution: Go up a cup size

A proper fitting bra should ALWAYS offer you a smooth fit. If you have lumps and bumps around your bra, or your breast spills out of the cups from the tops or sides, your cup size is too small.

“Bra cups—even push-ups—should hug your breast so that you look smooth under a t-shirt,” says Stella.

Problem: Your bra bunches or gaps

Solution: Go down a cup size

Wrinkles, puckering or gaps indicate extra fabric, which means your cup size is too large. Try going down a cup size; you want the bra to hug your curves for a flawless fit.

Still feel unsure? The tried-and-true way to guarantee a perfect fit is to get a professional bra fitting. We’ve heard from countless women who were stunned to learn their true size, and supremely thankful to find better-than-ever support and comfort. It can be life-changing!

Follow these golden rules and we guarantee you will have a hallelujah moment when you realize: “I never knew a bra could fit and feel this way!”

* Remember than when you move down in band size, you will likely need to go up in cup size to maintain the right fit.

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