How to Find Your Perfect Strapless Bra

How to Find Your Perfect Strapless Bra

For most women, the thought of purchasing — or even wearing — a strapless bra can induce nail-biting anxiety.  So many women who have sworn off strapless bras altogether, making the style-sacrificing decision to avoid any cute dress or off-the-shoulder top that might require one.

The simple solution is this: find the strapless bra that conquers all fear. One that does everything it’s supposed to, and more. The truth is that the right one can be your wardrobe secret weapon… the “piece de resistance” that saves the day.

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Eden Strapless in Petal

The perfect strapless for you is out there! So keep calm and read on. We've identified the 5 things every woman must know in her search for the perfect strapless bra:

Know your size.

Your search should begin with a proper bra fitting. Most women (about 70%!) are wearing too large of a band size – the Achilles heel of a strapless bra. Important: if the bra doesn’t come in your size, don’t buy it!   The bra should fit you.

Start with quality.

Begin by identifying high quality brands that make strapless bras in an array of sizes, as they are more likely to pay attention to detail and deliver a well-engineered bra that’s comfortable and made to hug your curves. Remember: a flawless strapless bra is a true wardrobe investment.

Look for latex or silicone grips.

This is one of the secrets of a properly designed strapless bra.  At a minimum, silicone grips should run along the top and bottom inside seams of the wings and back band of the bra.

Eden Strapless in Petal

Avoid an overly padded bra.

Too much padding can lead to bulk, add weight, and interfere with the fit.  Instead, look for a contoured cup in a clean, simple design that lays totally seamless under clothing.

Pay attention to strapless bras with a cult following.

There’s one thing you can always count on: when a woman finds a strapless bra she loves, she’ll tell other women about it!  Reviews can be incredibly helpful.  Lovers of lace will adore the subtle French details on the Eden Strapless.

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Eden Strapless in Black

Once you’ve fallen in love with your perfect match strapless bra, go back and buy at least one more.  One should always have nude and black.

Night out dancing, anyone?

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