How to Store Bras & Lingerie

How to Store Bras & Lingerie

It’s the perfect time of year to refresh and reorganize your lingerie. Start by donating or tossing any tattered or très loved bras, or any bras that don’t support you in feeling comfortable and beautiful.

Store your remaining favorites with the same love and care that you want them to offer you. When you’ve invested in beautiful bras that fit you like a dream, it’s only natural to want to keep them that way for as long as possible.

We consulted with our Bra Fit Expert, Stella, for her tips on storing bras at home:

Create a Lingerie Space

Your lingerie deserves its own place in your wardrobe. Dedicate a drawer solely to bras and panties. They’ll need some breathing room, so if you have more bras, use a second drawer (or third, or fourth!) Make sure the drawer is easily accessible to you (not on the top or all the way at the bottom).

Organize by Color

When you stack your bras by color, you create a visually pleasing experience that energizes you every time you open your lingerie drawer. This also makes it easier to color-match to your outfit. Tip: only have skin-tone shades or all-black bras? This is a great opportunity to infuse some of your favorite colors into your lingerie wardrobe.

Store with Care

T-shirt, padded or push-up bras can be stacked one behind the other. (This may come as a surprise, but do not fold them in half, as this may damage the cup). Lacy and unlined bras can be stored separately, folded in half with the straps tucked inside. Limited on drawer space? Try hanging bras on wall hooks or hangers for easy access.


Drawer dividers are a great way to keep your lingerie in order (and keep them that way). Feeling creative? Line your drawer with a beautiful paper lining that you fall in love with. Or add a sachet with lavender or rose petals for a joyful touch of scent.

A little love goes a long way to sparking happiness at the start and end of each day. Share your bra care tips below!

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