The Art of Modern Sensuality with @honeynsilk

The Art of Modern Sensuality with @honeynsilk

LA-based fashion blogger and new mother, Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth (@honeynsilk) makes it all look so effortless. Here, the Chinese-American creative gives us the inside details on how she takes care of her career, her family, and her self.

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Stephanie wears the Java Full Coverage Plunge in Linen

On Her Career…

What’s the most glamorous part of your job?

The outfits! It's so fun to make fashion a priority since I can call it my job now. I also love getting the opportunity to visit special studios, beautiful cafes, and more inspiring destinations for inspiration and content.

Let’s get real. What’s the least glamorous part of your job?

I don’t know if you’d call sitting behind the computer all day, in bed, in my pjs, with a mask on, any kind of glamorous.

Stephanie wears the Saga Full Coverage Plunge in White

On Lingerie…

How would you describe your lingerie style?

My lingerie style is romantic and delicate, incorporating fabrics like lace and tulle. It's also effortless - I love bralettes and bikinis.

If you could create your dream lingerie wardrobe, what would it look like?

I think mixing in soft colors along with the essential blacks and nudes is so fun and wearable. My dream wardrobe would include soft, sheer sets in elegant shades like dusty blue, pale citron, and lavender.

What are your favorite bras of the moment?

I love Simone Perele Java Plunge in Linen and my blue Promesse Full Cup. They’re beautiful bras that make me feel so confident, sexy, and elegant when I wear them through my day.

How do you make the time and space to honor your own sensuality?

Even when I’m hanging out with my baby all day, I’ll wear my silk robe around the house. I make sure to take care of my skin from head to toe and keep it glowing with a luxurious oil. Little luxuries like these keeps me feeling confident and beautiful.

Stephanie wears the Promesse Full Cup in Platinum Blue

On Self-Care…

As a new mother, what are your self-care practices?

Now that my time in a day has drastically changed, I've had to recompose my self-care practices and think about what I need most now in this demanding stage of my life.  Self-care to me is most importantly taking care of my skin and mind. I used to have morning rituals to set my mind right for the day, but now I've moved my rituals to nighttime after my baby goes to sleep and I can have the space to take it slow. I brew a hot cup of oolong tea and put on a detoxing face mask, while I dry brush my body. Or I light my bedside candle and write in my agenda to spur creativity.

Becoming a mother was an incredibly intimate and life-changing journey with my body. I discovered the wonders my body can do before and after my baby came and it's empowering to see how my body continues to nourish and strengthen as he grows bigger. The body of a mother is a beautiful thing and it deserves beautiful lingerie.

Where and when are you happiest?

Anywhere and every moment with my husband and baby!

"@honeynsilk: Family Day 💛💛💛"

On Confidence…

If you could give your younger self advice, what would you tell her?

I would tell her to cherish the moment you're in, because as slow as some days or life can seem, moments are always fleeting. I look back and feel like my young 20’s went by in a snap! And I did everything as if I wished to be older and at a more advanced stage of life. There will be people who make you happy, but will be in and out of your life just like that, so treasure that time in the present with those around you and don't think you'll always have time in the future to do something at a more convenient time.

What quality do you love most about yourself?

I love that I am very laid-back. I think my disposition allows me to be positive in all situations and I don't make an effort to stress. My days are easygoing and as effortless as I can make it.

Stephanie in the Java Full Coverage Plunge in Linen

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