Everything You Need to Know About Nursing Bras

Everything You Need to Know About Nursing Bras

Mamas don’t hear this enough, so let us sing it from the rooftops: you’re amazing. Your body is amazing, and beautiful inside and out.

To learn more about nursing bras, we talked with Simone Perele’s lingerie style expert and mom of three, Adrienne Coléon Gaskell.

“Your body works hard during nursing, so finding a well-made bra is incredibly important,” says Adrienne. “This is a time to honor the incredible power of your body, and of being a mother. Your nursing bras should feel comfortable, make life easier and, yes, even look pretty! You deserve it.”

Here, Adrienne weighs in on everything you need to know and look for in a nursing bra:

Start with fit.

“Most women find that they go up about a full cup size during nursing. If you’re shopping while pregnant, opt for one cup size larger than your current size, while staying true to your regular band size,” says Adrienne. (For example, if you’re wearing a 34D during pregnancy, try a 34E in nursing bras). Can’t get into a bra boutique for a fitting? Call or chat with Simone Perele’s Bra Fit Experts for some help finding your size.

Eden Nursing Bra in Ivory

Go wireless for the first few weeks of nursing.

“In the first days after your baby is born when your milk begins to come in, you’ll experience “engorgement” and your breasts will be especially tender. These first few days are when your milk is regulating and adjusting to your baby’s needs. During this period, you may be more comfortable in a nursing bra without underwire.” We recommend the Eden Nursing Bra because it has a removable underwire that allows you to adapt the bra to your needs.

When your body has adjusted to your baby’s nursing needs and you want a bit more support and shaping, add the underwire back in. An underwire nursing bra will feel and fit very much like your favorite everyday bra, with the added benefit of a drop-cup for easy pumping and nursing.

Drop-cup nursing bras are easiest.

“Traditional drop-cup nursing bras are easy to use and practical. When you’re ready to nurse your baby, simply unhook the clasp at the top of the cup. Within a few days you’ll be unclasping one-handed (and with your eyes closed). Drop-cup nursing bras are also convenient for pumping, whether at home or on the go,” says Adrienne.

Eden Nursing Bra in Ivory

Comfort is a must.

“A few things to look for in a nursing bra: cotton lining inside the cup for softness, thicker straps for support, a u-shaped ballet back for smoothing, and adjustable straps and back band for a custom fit.”

Pretty details go a long way.

Adrienne’s advice: “Yes, you can have a practical, comfortable and supportive nursing bra that is also pretty! Soft lace and stylish touches go a long way and you absolutely deserve it!”

Eden Nursing Bra in Ivory

Have at least 3 nursing bras on rotation.

“Your breasts work hard when you’re nursing, and so do your bras. You’ll need to wash your nursing bras more often than you would your regular bras, so it’s important to have at least 3 on rotation. Found a bra you love? Buy doubles, and different colors to have on hand.”

Nursing tanks aren’t nursing bras.

A nursing tank or top with a clasp is a great option for easy nursing and comfort, however it will not offer support so it’s not a substitute for a nursing bra.

Eden Nursing Bra in Black

Keep nursing pads on hand.

Nursing pads are helpful for absorbing any leakage, especially in the early days of nursing. Simply place a nursing pad inside your nursing bra and switch them out as needed throughout the day or night.

Remember, nursing bras are here to support you—and so are the women around you. So accept help and love, as you offer it to your new baby!

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