5 Things to Look for in a Nursing Bra

5 Things to Look for in a Nursing Bra

Motherhood and nursing is a special and demanding time. So it’s important to get all the support you need—from helpful friends, loving family to the practical essentials. Yes, a great nursing bra.

With so many choices out there, we sat down with our bra design team to identify the 5 things to look for when shopping for a nursing bra. We’ll get right to it (because we know you’re busy!).

What Is a Nursing Bra?

This style is exactly what the name implies: a bra designed to support you through nursing and pumping. Your breasts are different when you’re nursing a baby, so your bra should be too. A nursing bra is there to make nursing easier, more convenient and more comfortable.

How to Fit a Nursing Bra

The best way to shop for a nursing bra is with the gentle guidance of an Expert Bra Fitter. If you can, go to your nearest bra store that carries nursing styles so that you know your size. You can also call or chat with Simone Perele’s Bra Fit Experts for help finding your size.

If you’re shopping while pregnant, we generally recommend buying one cup size larger than your current size, while staying true to your regular band size. For example, if you’re wearing a 34D during pregnancy, try a 34E in nursing bras. If you’re already nursing, look for a bra that allows for some stretch and flexibility, as your breasts sizes do change a bit throughout the day based on when you’ve nursed.

Stephanie @honeynsilk in the Eden Nursing Bra in Black

What to Look for in a Nursing Bra:

  • Removable underwire. You could invest in a wireless nursing bra and an underwire nursing bra—or you could buy a single bra that gives you the option of both. In the first days of nursing, you’ll want to go completely wireless for comfort. Most lactation consultants recommend going wireless for the first six weeks postpartum so that your milk can find its rhythm. When your body has adjusted to nursing, you might want the support and shaping that underwire offers.
  • Easy one-handed drop-down cups. Look for a drop-down cup nursing bra with a clip that’s easy to unclip with one hand. When the cup is down for nursing or pumping, a side sling will support and keep the bra in place.
  • Cotton lining. You’ll feel most comfortable in a nursing bra that has cotton lining inside the cups. Cotton is breathable, soft and easily absorbs any leakage that can happen when you’re nursing. You can opt for an all-cotton style or a pretty bra lined with cotton, like this Simone Perele Nursing Bra.
  • Flexibility for size fluctuations. Look for a bra designed with stretch on the top of the cup. This will allow the fit to adapt to your breast as it changes size. When your breasts are fuller right before nursing or pumping, a bit of stretch at the top of your bra will give you flexibility and comfort. But careful not to buy a bra with all-over stretch, as this won’t offer you the same level of support.
  • U-Shaped back. A u-shaped back, also known as a ballet back, ensures a fit that stays in place and is smooth and comfortable against your skin. Choose a nursing bra with this smoothing back as well as comfortable straps that are slightly wider than your classic bra. The straps on this Eden Nursing Bra are lined with cotton for extra softness.

Bonus: pretty details go a long way! Whether you’re in a regular bra or a nursing bra, you absolutely deserve to feel beautiful. Look for details like soft lace and stylish touches.

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