What French Women Wear to Sleep

What French Women Wear to Sleep

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The morning is when we create ourselves for the outside world. We dress, accessorize, beautify, style and perfect. We set our intentions for the day. We go out and conquer.

The evening is when we reconnect with our inside world. We undo. We wash off the makeup, free our hair, remove accessories and undress. The day comes off and we slip into something more “comfortable.” We pay little attention to these “comfort clothes.” If they’re not for the outside world, who cares, right?

According to French women, what we slip into at the end of day IS important. In fact, your loungewear or sleepwear is more powerful precisely because it’s for you and not for the outside world.

There is no denying that we deserve to relax and feel good after a busy day. But the French believe there’s a way to be effortlessly comfortable and still feel beautiful, natural, and yes, even a bit sexy.

Here, French women reveal their secrets:

Embrace your natural beauty.

This is the time to appreciate yourself without makeup, embracing your most natural beauty. By putting intention into your evening ritual, and what you wear to sleep, you are celebrating your true beauty.

Slip into soft fabrics and flattering cuts.

Choose pieces that are soft against your skin, have light stretch and are flattering to your silhouette, draping over curves without constricting them. Soft shapes that move with you, are breathable and comfortable.

Silk is always a good idea.

Silk not only feels amazing against the skin, but a touch of luxury will make you feel radiant. Try a silk top and short set, silk pants, or a silk nightdress with a touch of lace, like our favorite silk nightwear from Simone Perele.

Nocturne Silk Dress in Peacock

Wear colors you love.

Your bedtime wardrobe should be an expression of your favorite colors. Of course, black is always a good idea, but your favorite shade of lavender or emerald green is even better.

Add a touch of sensuality.

The French way is all about incorporating touches of sensuality into everyday life, rather than separating the “every day mundane” from the “very sexy.” Look for fabrics, design details or silhouettes that offer a hint of sensuality. A touch of soft lace goes a long way.

Go on, wake up your sleepwear. You deserve it!

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